Water Feature Pros began in 1997 as a pond and fountain service company in Louisville Ky.  In 1999 we opened The Pond Store (koi pond/fountain store).  Our background with thousands of different service calls and retail customers laid the foundation for our broad range of product knowledge & application as well as learning how to effectively communicate with different service & DIY customers.

In 2006 www.pondandfountainworld.com was launched and we began to compete with national suppliers. This experience included vetting quality manufacturers & importers and discontinuing relationships with suppliers that have not met our standards for product quality and/or accountability.

Our evolved relationships with manufacturers includes “off-menu” customizations of standard products, unadvertised expedition of orders, co-design of exclusive products, and overall well developed relationships that allow us to get things done that other may not always know how to accomplish.

Another big part of executing at a high level for our customers involves shipping logistics. We have learned a lot in this are over the last 12 years fulfilling products across the United States, and beyond. Understanding freight lanes, when to use one carrier over another, proactive communication, handling freight claims and knowing who to talk to to get things done is a developed skill. You can count on our experience to get this part of fulfilling your product done as well as possible.

Water Feature Pro’s goal is to exceed your expectations with our product knowledge & experienced advice. Our products and their performance is often unfamiliar to residential, and commercial customers. We are focused on making sure we help you select the right products for your project goals. Sometimes that involves selecting something different than your initial request.

Our design & hands-on experience involves many aspects.  Proper sizing/scale, form & function, details such as splash, variations in water sound and visual water display, lighting, water compensation, sevicability, and long term care are all important considerations you may not know to ask about, however you can count on us to make sure you’re properly informed about.

We understand that your success determines our success. We truly appreciate our thousands of customers and will always go the extra mile to help you have a positive experience.

We all look forward to another great year in the water feature industry. It is extremely enjoyable working with the products we sell & install and the customers that create incredible spaces with them.

Call us Monday thru Friday 8 am – 8 pm Eastern at (941) 256-0152 or e-mail us at sales@waterfeaturepros.com.

Our whole team thanks you for the opportunity to earn your business.


George B. Davis- President

Water Feature Pros, Inc.

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