Adding Water Features Indoors

If one is to here talk of fountains, waterfalls, or other water features, there is a common visual that comes to mind. That visual almost always includes an outdoor setting. When it concerns flowing water, people tend to visualize grand, overwhelming landscapes with towering stone fountains and majestic waterfalls that can only be experienced in the great outdoors. People tend to overlook the many options and benefits that come along with bringing water features inside the home.

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to applying a water feature to your indoor décor. There are many styles of water walls, floor fountains, indoor waterfalls, and more. Upon discovering the world of indoor water features, you will find a few main benefits to adding them to your own home: aesthetics, sound therapy, and air quality.


The interior decorator in you will soon find that adding a water feature to your indoor space can be a great way to add a new flair to your environment. A free-standing indoor fountain can be placed against a large wall and bring a cozier feel to an oversized space. The movement of a small water wall can keep a small rooms energy refreshed and open. There are an endless amount of options, and a plethora of styles, that will allow you to not only create a look, but a full scene.

Sound Therapy

People love listening to the sounds of falling rain, flowing streams, and steady waterfalls. There is a reason for this. The white noise that is provided with these sounds is a proven to calm people, help them concentrate, and even help them sleep. Installing a well-placed indoor feature can also mitigate any unwanted noise, like city streets or noisy neighbors.

Air Quality

Did you know that an indoor fountain can serve as a humidifier and an ionic air purifier? The constant flow of water gives the air in your home a continuous source of moisture. When you have appliances or weather drying out your air, you’ll be especially pleased with this.

There are also many appliances in your home (microwave oven, TV, computer, refrigerator) that produce positive ions. When a person breathes in these positive ions, it compromises their energy and health. An indoor water feature will provide the same negative ions that are present in flowing rivers and mountain air. Breathing these in will increase serotonin and mood.

If you’re in the market for a new water feature, don’t confine your options to your outdoor spaces. A beautiful free-standing indoor fountain can serve as the perfect accent or conversation piece in your living room; an elegant water wall in your bedroom can make your rest much more valuable. If you’re doing some interior decorating, consider what a water feature can do for your space.

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