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Henri Studio Radiance Fountain 4310F2 FREE SHIPPING!

Free Shipping!

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This contemporary piece comes complete with a LED light kit that will impress guests at anytime of the day. The column comes in an organic shape and pours into the fiberglass enforced basin. This and all pieces from Henri Studios are available in 26 finishes.

Shipping weight is 1050 LBS | Height is 36 inches | Width is 54 inches




Henri Studio Large Three-Tier Leonesco Fountain 5215F7 FREE SHIPPING!

Free Shipping!

Enter Coupon Code “Henri” during checkout for ADDITIONAL SAVINGS!

The lion heads act as spouts for the fountain, along with the top spout in the shape of an unbudded lotus. We also carry a version of this fountain with a pool. This product can be produced in 26 different finishes.

Shipping weight is 987 LBS | Height is 80 inches | Width is 48 inches




Campania Del Rey Fountain FT-306 FREE SHIPPING!

The Campania Del Rey Fountain FT-306

LENGTH IS 48 INCHES | HEIGHT IS 26 INCHES | WEIGHT IS 578 LBS | Material: Cast Stone | Shown in Alpine Stone

Your outdoor setting will revolve around this alluring fountain. Add lights and make it the brightest flower in your garden.


Fountain Instructions

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Campania Long Beach Fountain GFRCFT-1100 FREE SHIPPING! Call/text for discounts.



WIDTH IS 66 INCHES | DEPTH IS 26.5 INCHES | HEIGHT 48 | WEIGHT IS 290 LBS | Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete | Shown in Greystone


Your outdoor setting will revolve around this alluring Campania Long Beach Fountain. Add lights and make it the brightest flower in your garden.

Fountain Instructions


Campania Parisienne Two Tier Fountain FT-184. CALL/TEXT FOR DISCOUNTS


Make a Statement with this Two Tier Fountain by bring the talk of the neighborhood to your garden with the Campania Parisienne Two Tier Fountain. This two tier beauty has a soothing sound the brings this fountain to life.



Fiore Fleur De Lis Fountain LG144-F FREE SHIPPING!

Price Match Guarantee      Free Shipping!

Amaze yourself with the Fleur De Lis Fountain

This a a very unique piece from Al’s Garden Art. Where as many pillar fountains have a ground basin, this one is suspended on a pedestal. Also, where a conventional pillar fountain has only one or two spouts that shoot straight own into a basin, this one first pours down into a mid level shelf bowl and then pours into the basin, which will create a much more beautiful sound.

  • Shipping weight is 903 LBS
  • Height is 64 inches
  • Width is 40 inches
  • Crafted from the best in cast stone


Fiore Stone Verona Fountain With 55″ Basin LG114-FB FREE SHIPPING!

HEIGHT 57.75″ | WIDTH  55″ |WEIGHT  1152 LBS

Free Shipping!          Proudly made in America     PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE.

Consider some planters or benches to compliment your design.


Create a brand new scene with the Verona Fountain with 55″ Basin from Al’s Garden Art. This two-tiered fountain is the perfect accent for your garden, courtyard space, or terrace. Standing in a pond, this is perfect set for your space.



Fiore Dolphins w/Octagon Bowl Fountain 2007-F5 FREE SHIPPING!

Free Shipping!

Have fun with the Dolphins with Octagon Bowl Fountain

What a great piece for the animal lover of the house. The two center dolphin figurines elegantly sit in opposing poses on top of the wave element. The octagonal pool has a spout at each vertex. These spouts are in the shape of dolphin heads and shoot an upward stream at the figurine in the center

  • Shipping weight is 758 LBS
  • Height is 53 inches
  • Width is 54 inches
  • Crafted from the best in cast stone

Fiore Courtyard Lion fountain w/basin 257-FMQ Call/Text for Shipping

Be the best in the neighborhood with the Courtyard Lion Fountain

The three tier fountain features lion heads decorating the edges, which act as the spouts for this piece. The basin is designed as a regal quadriform, with curved expanses catching the water streams. Enhance your outdoor oasis with the Courtyard Lion Fountain. Experience the tranquility as water gracefully flows from the lion’s mouth into a serene basin, creating a peaceful and refreshing ambiance. This stunning addition will transform any garden into a haven of relaxation for you and your loved ones. Discover the beauty and serenity of the Courtyard Lion Fountain

  • Shipping weight is 2432 LBS
  • Height is 66 inches
  • Width is 62 inches
  • Crafted from the best in cast stone

Fiore Tall Uccelli Fountain LG148-FTD FREE SHIPPING!

Free Shipping!

Meditate next to the Tall Uccelli Fountain


The Uccelli Tiered Garden Fountain – With its stepped waterfall design, it evokes the majestic heights at which birds fly, adding a touch of grandeur to any outdoor space. The fountain is unadorned, except for two beautifully crafted Celtic swan carvings at its top, which adds a subtle yet captivating detail to the overall design. One of the standout features of this fountain is its sheet-like water flow, which creates a mesmerizing sight. As the water cascades down the tiers, it creates a soothing and tranquil ambiance, perfect for creating an outdoor nook where you can relax and unwind. Whether placed against a garden wall, a fence, or amidst some greenery, this fountain will add a touch of serenity to any setting. If you are looking to enhance your outdoor space with a touch of elegance and tranquility, the Uccelli Tiered Garden Fountain – Tall is an ideal choice. Its classic design and sophisticated style make it a versatile piece that can complement any garden or patio. The cascading water and the soothing sounds it produces will create a serene atmosphere where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life. For those who are considering adding a touch of luxury to their swimming pool area, the Uccelli Tiered Garden Fountain – Tall can also be a great addition. Its stepped waterfall design resembles the natural flow of water in a swimming pool, creating a visually stunning effect. By incorporating this fountain into your pool area, you can elevate its aesthetic appeal and create a truly luxurious oasis. In conclusion, the Uccelli Tiered Garden Fountain – Tall is a classic and sophisticated piece that can enhance any outdoor space. Its stepped waterfall design, unadorned except for Celtic swan carvings, creates a visually captivating sight. Whether placed in a garden or around a swimming pool, this fountain will add elegance and tranquility to the surroundings.

  • Shipping weight is 630 LBS
  • Height is 38 inches
  • Width is 32 inches
  • Crafted from the best in cast stone

Fiore Senate Wall Fountain 2081-FW FREE SHIPPING!

Free Shipping!

Make this fantastic Senate Wall Fountain part of your outdoor area

Add this unique piece to your backyard. The Romanesque fountain features an impressive trough and two relief tiers. The wall is minimally adorned with a wreath at the center. This Al’s Garden Art piece comes available in 35 finishes.

  • Shipping weight is 1523 LBS
  • Height is 62 inches
  • Width is 66 inches
  • Depth is 29″
  • Crafted from the best in cast stone



Fiore Four Seasons Fountain w/16′ Bracci Basin 2134-F16 Call/Text for Shipping

Add some Fiore Planters or Benches to complete your design and save on shipping! 

Amaze visitors with the Four Seasons Fountain in 16′ Bracci Basin

Here is our largest of the Four Seasons tiered fountain by Al’s Garden Art. The fixture stands at 12 feet tall and sits in an impressive 16 foot basin. The vigorous water wall will create a misty veil that customers, patrons or even house guests will admire. Picture shown with 12 foot pool.

  • Shipping weight is 10232 LBS
  • Height is 144 inches
  • Width is 192 inches
  • Crafted from premium cast stone