Bracing your Fountain for the Winter Months

Your outdoor water features will do little entertaining in the winter months. They also become highly susceptible to the cold elements. That is why it is essential to care for your fountain in the winter months. By taking your fountain out of the elements, or reducing the elements’ impact, you are keeping your pump and the structure itself from serious dilapidation.

What are the consequences?

The two negative consequences that can result involve the pump breaking and fixture cracking. Pumps that are dry will not be affected by the freezing cold. However, all of the moisture that is in a pump leads to freezing which can break the pump. This would require you to get a new pump, and there is no reason to do that each year. The fixture of the fountain, especially with cast stone features, will crack in the severe weather.

How to prevent it

The best option for preserving your fountain in the winter months is to completely bring it out of the elements. The best way to do this is to disassemble all the parts of the fountain, dry them, and store them in the garage, or any other dry and relatively warm space. A space somewhere between freezing and room temperature is ideal. We also recommend that you clean your pump at this time before you store it.

If there is no space indoors for your fountain then you will want to cover the fixture. Two methods need to be in play as you protect your fountain. Naturally, you will want to cover the fountain with a water proof tarp. Make sure that it is secure, covers all exposed areas and has relatively no spots for leakage. However, no matter what tarp you choose and how you secure it, you will need to add some absorbent material to your fountain. While your fountain is being protected by the water proof tarp, all moisture that does somehow get to your fountain will be absorbed instead of seeping straight into the stone fixture. Fill the basins and tiers (any spot moisture could accumulate) with an absorbent material. Burlap or hay will work for this. Make sure to switch it out periodically.

One last thing if you weren’t aware. Make sure to rid your fountain of any debris or unwanted vegetation. Naturally vegetation contains moisture which you do not want. Cleaning your fountain before and after the winter season is just route process for two water feature owners. Call Water Feature Pros if you are in the Louisville area, we can clean your fountain this spring.

Following these steps should ensure the safety of your water feature. If you already have some cracks in your fountain from weather damage then you can call us at Water Feature Pros. We may be able to restore your fountain. However, if you find hairline cracks in your fountain there is really no need to worry. That naturally happens in the cold.

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