Build a Desert Oasis with a Garden Fountain

Gardening is one of the most beneficial and therapeutic ways you can spend your time. The act of cultivating life is soothing and rewarding. People all around the world have home gardens where they grow some of their favorite flowers and greenery. There are gardens that thrive any many types of environments, but some people believe that there is no hope for the hopeful gardener living in a dry desert location. Those people are truly mistaken. An entire oasis can be built in the backyard of a desert home. With the addition of an outdoor garden fountain, resilient succulents, and a shaded seating area, your desert location can be a thriving and comfortable place to spend your time.

Garden Fountain

One of the biggest changes you can make to your arid environment is introducing water to your scene. Considering the fact that a lack of water is what makes a desert, the presence of a water fountain in your yard will be a great transformation. An outdoor fountain will add a sense of life and rejuvenation an old, dry scene. There are many designs available to fit any style, and a wide range of sizes to complement any size space. Your fountain will be the center of your oasis.


An oasis would not be an oasis without any life there. This is where many people believe desert climates come up short. The words garden and desert are rarely spoken in the same breath, but there are actually many types of plants that can survive with little water. Many of these plants are referred to as succulents, and they grow in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Succulents are thick, fleshy plants that are very efficient when it comes to storing water for extended periods of time. Cacti fall into this category, but they aren’t alone. You can create a beautiful diverse garden full of succulents.

Shaded Seating

Desert climates see little rain, so clouds are often scarce. The constant powerful rays of the sun can become very uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous. When you’re in this type of climate, it is important to find ways to protect yourself from the sun. A great way to enjoy your new oasis is by completing the scene with a canopy to frame your seating area. With the right selection of outdoor furniture, you will be able to set up the perfect space for hours of conversation, dining, and relaxation.

Don’t let the harsh effects of a desert climate force you indoors. If you are hoping for an oasis in the middle of your dry environment, create one in your own backyard. With the right fountain, the right plants, and the right shaded seating area, there’s no way you could go wrong. Make the most of your desert scene with water and life!

The Benefits of Planters Over In-Ground Gardens

Caring for a garden is one of the most gratifying feelings that a person can experience. The act of cultivating life with your own hands is one that can only truly be understood after having experienced it yourself. Every year, people enjoy this activity. There are many different ways that you can go about growing your plants. Many people till the soil in the ground and build a garden from that space. But, a less common, but very efficient way of setting up your garden is with a collection of planters instead. A garden of planters will control plant dominance, preserve your landscape, and give you maximum control over the placement of your plants.

Plant Dominance

Some plants and vegetables can unexpectedly grow in abundance with strength and aggression. Sometimes, plants will grow so strong and wide that they take over the space meant for their neighbors. It is a very common occurrence in small home gardens. People go out to see that their tomatoes are growing like wildflower, but that they have overshadowed some of the less aggressive plant life. Implementing planters will eliminate this issue. With the use of planters, you can organize your plants so that you can give each different one the type of space and attention it needs.

Landscape Preservation

Sometimes, situations occur when you can’t use the same garden you used last year. People sell their houses or move, or maybe you realized that there is a sunnier location on your property. Whatever the reason, if you decide to move or change your garden, you will be stuck with the changes you previously made if you altered your yard for your plants. Planters will eliminate this issue. With all of your plants in separate containers, you won’t have to disturb your land at all. You’ll be able to preserve your lawn while still benefiting from a harvest.

Maximum Control

What if you realized that your plants are in the wrong formation? Sometimes certain plants should be farther away from others, or maybe you didn’t realize that your placement is keeping some plants from sun. Whatever the issue, it can be very difficult to address these with an in-ground garden. But a garden of planters gives you much more freedom. If you realized a plant needs a different spot, it’s as easy as moving the planter. You’ll be able to design and tweak the perfect setup for your garden.

A planter garden isn’t something that everyone considers, but it is surely one of the best routes to take. It makes for an organized and healthy garden, where each plant can get exactly what it needs without being disturbed or harmed by other plants. With control over the plant dominance and placement, and the fact that your yard will stay in tact, it’s the very best option for some.