Create the Ideal Patio Setting

When old man winter has blown his last frigid breath, there is no better feeling than emerging from hibernation to feel the warmth of the sun. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the warm breezes are calling us to experience it all. Do you have an ideal location in your home to relax and enjoy the beautiful days? Be sure to make the most of your patio space. It will become a location that you will cherish. With the right selection of patio furniture, an assortment of live plants, and a perfectly-placed water feature, you can be certain that your patio is perfect for you and your guests.

Patio Furniture

Finding the right furniture for your patio is a very important process. There are so many styles and options, it can be hard to find exactly what you need. Before going out to make a purchase, begin by predicting how you will be spending most of your outdoor time. Some furniture is better for hosting, some is better for dining, and some is best for relaxation. Next, consider your outdoor climate and which materials are best suited for your area. If rain is very common in your area, you may want to avoid outdoor furniture is cushions and other absorbent materials. Finally, find a set of furniture that fits in your allotted space, and create a scene that fits your setting.

Plants, Planters, and Urns

One major mistake that people encounter when designing their patio scene is allowing the space to remain plain and lifeless. Your outdoor space should reflect the beauty and energy that is found in nature. The installation of a few stone planters is a great way to achieve this effect. They are works of art themselves, and also allow you to display some of your favorite flowers and greenery. The presence of living plants will bring a fresh new energy to your patio space.

Outdoor Water Features

Another great way to maintain a refreshing energy is by installing the right water feature for your home. There are a wide range of options available to you. A classic tiered fountain is perfect for accentuating an elegant and refined style. A sleek spillway is more desirable for some people. It creates a contemporary look with a smooth sheet of water splashing gently into a basin below. Any of your water features can be enhanced with LED lighting to take your scene to the next level. Be sure to choose a piece that reflects the style and feel of you and your home.

You patio space should complement your home; it should be an extension of your interests and personality. Create the perfect scene that caters to exactly how you like to spend your time. With the appropriate patio furniture, the presence of a few lively plants, and the addition of a perfectly placed water feature, your patio space can become an ideal backyard oasis.

The Benefits of a Beautiful Lake Fountain

When the winter weather finally breaks, it’s always great to go out and enjoy the warm breezes and blue skies. And, there’s nothing like relaxing next to a calming body of water on a summer afternoon. Some of us are lucky enough to have a lake or pond in our own yards. If you are one of the lucky ones, you should consider the benefits that come along with installing a lake fountain in your private body of water. The right lake fountain will transform and enhance your scene, aerate your water, and mitigate unwanted surrounding noise.

Stunning Visuals

The most obvious benefit of installing a lake fountain is probably the aesthetic value. When people think of lake fountains, the image of towers of water and beautiful moving shapes begin to inundate the imagination. There are a wide variety of spray patterns and strengths available to create the perfect visual for any setting. There are even LED lighting kits available to bring the most of your nighttime scene. If you thought your fountain was impressive during the day, just wait until the streams of water reflect the light and create bright and colorful shapes in the night.

Water Aeration

One of the most useful benefits of having a fountain installed in your pond or lake is the occurrence of aeration. Aeration is the process of increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in a body of water. Keeping your lake or pond aerated is extremely beneficial to the health of your water. This is especially true if you have fish in your water; they need to oxygen to survive. Aeration also prevents the development of organic matter that can build up in your water. Remember that your body of water is an ecosystem, and it requires a healthy balance to thrive.

Noise Mitigation

Another wonderful quality associated with lake fountains is the soothing sound created by the steady flow of water. There is a profound serenity that overcomes a person when they allow such sounds to soothe and relax them. The water splashes continuously on the lake’s surface, mitigating surrounding noises that may be distracting. This is especially beneficial if your lake or pond is near a street or other noisy area. Once you hear the sounds of your new lake fountain, you will see that your outdoor scene is finally complete.

Make the most of the lake or pond on your property. Allow a beautiful lake fountain to transform your scene. With the wide ranges of styles and designs, you are sure to find the right fountain to complement your space. You (and your fish) will be pleased with the increased health of your water, and the soothing sounds will enhance the entire atmosphere. As beneficial as lake fountains are, they’re almost necessary!

The Importance of Water Aeration

A beautiful pond or lake is always a beautiful feature to have present in your landscape. A fact of those bodies of water that people often forget is that they are living, breathing ecosystems of their own. If you have a pond or lake on your property, it is your responsibility to maintain the health of that ecosystem. The main thing you must do for your water is to maintain a healthy level of oxygen through a process called aeration. This process introduces necessary oxygen from the atmosphere into the water.

The Benefits of Aeration

In nature, the motion from the wind creates waves and introduces oxygen to the water at the surface, while the photosynthesis of the plants and algae underwater release oxygen from below. But, with the unpredictability of nature, it is easy for water to become stagnant or to be deprived of a healthy amount of sunlight. This leads to unwanted algae, dirty water, and unpleasant odors. Aerating your water is also necessary for keeping it fresh and healthy for your fish and other organisms.

Methods of Aeration

Aerating Fountains

One of the most popular choices for water aeration are floating decorative lake fountains. These devices allow you to keep your water fresh and to improve the look and feel of your landscape. They accomplish the process of aeration by pulling water from the surface of the water and shooting it up into the air in various patterns. The oxygen mixes with the water as it lands, agitating the surface.

Pond Aerators

For people who would like to put on less of a show, there are options that are not as commanding. One of these options is the floating pond aerator. This device uses the same method as decorative fountains for introducing oxygen into the water without shooting the water up to such great heights.


Decorative fountains and aerators are useful for many applications, but they aren’t quite capable enough once the water reaches certain depths. If a body of water is greater than 8 feet deep, diffused aeration is sure to be more beneficial. This method occurs by releasing compressed air into the bottom of the water and creating motion that affects more than just the top few feet of water.

No matter your method for aeration, it is a necessary process for maintaining the health of your pond or lake. If you have fish or other organisms in your water, this process can not be overlooked. Create a new scene with a floating decorative fountain, or maintain a peaceful scene with a pond aerator of diffuser.

Simple Outdoor Enhancements with Grand Results

Has the time come for you to redesign your backyard or patio space? There are endless possibilities that are available to you. But, when you are making your design choices, remember the old phrase, “less is more.” You definitely don’t want to go overboard in with your renovation. Don’t forget to allow your space to speak for itself by installing simple accents and enhancements that will lead to noticeable results. The perfect placement of planters and greenery, the installation of a sleek spillway, and the presence of a little landscape and water lighting can transform your space into the perfect backyard oasis.

Planters and Greenery

A great place to start when deciding what to do is considering the installation of a few planters and some of your favorite flowers or greenery to accent the scene. There are a wide range of colors, styles, and designs of planters available. There is something for every type of outdoor setting. This type of installation is the perfect accent; it fits so naturally with an outdoor setting that it is nearly unnoticeable, yet, without it, your space can feel dull and lifeless with no explanation.

Sleek Spillways

A more obvious accent that you can consider is a simple spillway in your patio space. Spillways produce a constant smooth sheet of water that gently flows into a basin below. They are a great way of adding an extra element of life and energy to your outdoor scene. With proper placement, your spillway will look as if it belongs in your patio space. It will contribute to a soothing atmosphere with its steady, soothing flowing sounds, but is calm enough to not be too overwhelming.

LED Light Accents

A great, and often overlooked, accent that you can utilize in your outdoor space is LED lighting. Light is such a simple thing that there are times when people don’t even give it a thought. But, with the right installation, some simple lighting choices can completely transform a scene. You can enhance your whole outdoor scene with illuminated walls, stairs, and pathways. You can even install  lighting in your spillway for an even more stunning effect. There are many colors of lights, and even color changing options to help you get your scene just right.

Your patio space can be the perfect outdoor oasis, and you don’t have to make huge changes to accomplish this. With the installation of a few planters and greenery, a sleek spillway, and a few LED lighting accents, you can easily transform your scene. Make the simple steps to complete your scene!

Design the Perfect Study

Do you have a home office where you spend hours and hours of your time hard at work, or a study where you enjoy relaxing with some of your favorite literature? Your surroundings play a large part in the efficiency of your work and studying. If you have control of these surroundings, make the most of them. When it comes to the general interior design of your study, be sure that this space benefits your work and concentration. You can create the perfect setting with proper lighting, greenery, and indoor fountains.


One of the main ways you can ensure a environment for concentration is by installing the proper lighting. Have multiple sources of light, and access to a window if you have the option. Many people spend their time inside all day with improper lighting and feel drained without even walking ten feet. Avoid this, and create a more vibrant setting. If you can, avoid traditional incandescent lightbulbs, and opt for compact fluorescent bulbs. They provide a different quality of light that is more similar to sunlight and proven to increase concentration.


Something that can be easily overlooked by a business person is the use of plants and greenery to enhance your workspace and work quality. There are several small plants that are great for indoor growth and desk placement. You can even opt for something small to sit in your window, or a window box to sit right outside with a beautiful display of life. There are studies that have found a correlation between the presence of a desk plant and increased levels of concentration. A small change like this can lead to a much larger improvement.

Indoor Fountains

One of the best ways to create a calm and serene environment for your study or home office is by installing a fountain inside. There are many types of indoor options. Wall mounted and free standing water fountains are a great way of decorating with a purpose. You can even opt for a small desk fountain. These fountains will create a steady flowing sound that is much more beneficial than many people realize. It isn’t just the water sounds that help, but the steady white noise created from these sounds is proven to improve relaxation and concentration.

If you spend a vast majority of your time at home in your office or study, be sure that the space is designed to help your work flow smoothly. Create a scene that facilitates your work and studying. Set the scene with proper lighting, enhance the feeling with appropriate greenery, and complete the feeling the installation of an indoor fountain. Your work experience will be be tremendously improved.


Planning a Rooftop or Balcony Container Garden

It is a great feeling to be able to grow your own food and plants. There’s something special about cultivating life with your hands. Many people are able to enjoy this privilege, but some people don’t have the outdoor space. There are still options for some of those people. If there is a balcony or flat rooftop available to you, you can still make a garden with a collection of plants and vegetables containers, instead of in the ground. Once you’ve chosen and approved the area, picked which plants you’ll grow, and arranged your planters accordingly, your container garden will be underway!


If you are trying to build a container garden on a rooftop or balcony, the first, and most important, thing you must consider is the strength of your structure. Building a garden can become very heavy, very quickly. Once all of the soil and planters have been installed and watered, we’re looking at hundreds and hundreds of pounds. When you have a desired area, it is best to consult with a structural engineer to be sure your rooftop or balcony can handle the weight of your new garden. Also, when choosing which planters to use, opt for strong, but lightweight materials that will be able to handle the pressure of the soil, but will not add unnecessary weight.

Choosing Your Plants

One of the most enjoyable parts of planning a garden is choosing which plants you will grow. There are endless possibilities. There are guaranteed to be more varieties of vegetables and flowers than you ever thought you could have. When you are choosing which seeds and sprouts to collect, be sure to consider your climate and weather conditions. You may really want to grow strawberries, but if strawberries won’t do well in your environment, it’s best to try something else. Gardens are obviously very sensitive to the effects of nature. Timing and proper planning are key.

Choosing and Arranging Planters

As mentioned before, planter choice is fairly important. For a rooftop or a balcony, you don’t want to choose planters that will contribute an unnecessary amount of weight. You will also want to consider the needs of your plants. Some plants need certain depths to thrive, and some need a lot of space to spread out. There are a wide range of planters and containers, many that come in sets of multiple sizes and shapes. Be sure to choose planters that your structure can hold, and where you plants can grow freely.

A lack of yard space doesn’t have to mean a lack of garden space. If you have a garden or an accessible rooftop, you have options for growing plants at your home, too! All it takes is a little planning, and you can have a perfect garden in planters and containers. Approve your location, choose your plants, and pick out the right planters, and you’ll be growing your own food in no time!


Is Your Backyard Ready for Summer?

Summertime is a great time of year; some may even say it’s the best. The sun is warm and nourishing, while the days are filled with life and activity. During this time of year, people are often drawn outdoors with a natural desire to enjoy the beautiful weather. With picnics, parties, and cookouts, there’s an abundance of fun to be had. Is your home equipped to make the most of these summer days? You’ll want a space where you can fully enjoy this time. With an outdoor dining area, a collection of flowers and greenery, and a beautiful outdoor water feature, your backyard can be the perfect summer hangout.

Outdoor Tables and Seating

Whether you prefer gas or charcoal, grilling is almost necessary when summertime rolls around. With all of the amazing food you’ll be grilling with your friends and family, it’s important to have a place to enjoy your meal. There are lots of different outdoor tables, benches, and seats to choose from. Consider the size of your yard and the amount of people you would expect to host when making a choice on this selection. For instance, if you are into more intimate get togethers, you can get a small stone table with a few seats to match. Find what works for your space.

Plants and Greenery

A great way to enhance the look and feel of your space is by adding a bit of life and energy with a collection of flowers and greenery. The colors and designs will add beauty, while the aroma and energy of the plants improve the environment of your backyard. There are many shapes and sizes of planters, urns, and other containers for you to house your plants. The containers themselves provide a sense of class and elegance to your space, while giving you a place for your beautiful greenery. What seems like a small accent can be a huge improvement.

Outdoor Water Feature

Another huge improvement comes from a more obvious accent. A great way to enhance the style and atmosphere of your backyard is by installing an outdoor water feature. When it comes to outdoor water features, there are plenty of options. From classic or modern statuary fountains to ponds and waterfalls, there is sure to be something to fit perfectly in your space. A backyard water feature will bring a refreshing element to your summertime space. With options for LED lighting, it can serve its purpose throughout the summer days and nights.

Be sure that you take full advantage of those days and nights. Create an outdoor space that is just right for getting what you want out of your summer. You can have a space that your friends and family will absolutely love. With the appropriate seating, some living accents, and an outdoor water feature, you’ll have a summer oasis in no time!


How to Make Your Garden Shine this Spring

The changing of the seasons, particularly from Winter to Spring, marks a special time for us at Water Feature Pros and probably yourself too. Winters can be unbearable in certain parts of the country, we understand. Spring is a great reprieve for everyone, and when it finally comes there is much work and play to be had. We gear up to sell fountains and install ponds, while you might be doing some serious housekeeping or tending to your backyard and front lawn.

Working on a garden is a huge task for both first timers and longtime enthusiasts. We have some suggestions on how to make your garden this Spring more updated and refined than previous years.

Consider what plants you have

Plants require a lot of maintenance. Some are fickle and others aren’t, and the best protocol is to consider what plants you are interested in and research how well they will behave. You should consider the following factors: Does the plant require much light or will it easily fry in the sun? How much water does it need and will it drown easily? How much space does it need and does it harm/ is it harmed by nearby plants?

Once you have a clear idea of that, you need to look at the two most important factors that affect the health these plants. Consider if your environment is conducive to the needs of the plant, and consider what practices you have to implement to best take care of those specific plants. After you consider these factors and feel confident about certain plants for your garden, then you will be set.

Add garden accessories

This is the less stressful task of the job. In fact, having these accessories will turn your homegrown DIY garden space into a luxury space. Take a break from the garden work with these outdoor furniture and art piece suggestions.

Lawn furniture make space for you to relax in your backyard. These can come as stone benches, rocking chairs, swings, patio furniture and pop up longue chairs.

Lighting will let you enjoy your outdoor area at all hours of the day. Plus, lighting is simply beautiful against the muted darkest of a summer night.

Privacy is also an important factor to maintain. Large plants or a privacy fence will take care of that.

We naturally recommend a water feature, because it adds more natural elements to your outdoor space. The fountain adds a water element, a stone art piece, and some soothing sounds.

You will want to maneuver your outdoor space in whatever way best suits you. That might be barefoot in tall grass, or that might be with a winding path. For something in between, stepping stones will add a rustic feel, another element, and a pathway for you and yours.

Combat White Scale and Hard Water Mineral Deposits

People have enjoyed the many benefits of water fountains throughout many years of human history. They serve a wide range of purposes, and these days, it is not uncommon to find water fountains in people’s gardens and even inside of their homes. They transform the visual and physical environment as well as creating welcoming and soothing atmospheres. People rarely have anything to complain about when it comes to their water feature. But, one common issue that people have in their fountains is the buildup of white scale and hard water mineral deposits. There are a few ways you can be proactive about these problems.

Clean the Pump

Before you even begin to notice the effects of white scale and hard water mineral deposits in your fountain, your pump will be experiencing them. Be sure to clean your pump regularly, as it is the first place where the buildup will be happening. You will want to remove the back of your pump and clean it thoroughly. It can be very effective to use a little water pressure and a small scrub brush to clean the holes inside the pump. You should also clean the tube that connects the pump to the fountain, where a lot of the buildup will be happening.

Regular Deep Cleaning

While cleaning the pump will play a big part in keeping unwanted buildup in your fountain at bay, it is not the only form of maintenance you should be aware. A regular deep cleaning schedule is required to keep you fountain in top conditions. A monthly cleaning is probably best. You will want to turn your fountain off, and drain all of the water from it to begin. There are many fountain chemicals available for this process, and you will want to use them on every single part of your fountain; don’t forget the small, separate decorative pieces.

Appropriate Fountain Chemicals

When it comes to the deep cleaning process, the chemicals you choose are very important. Any household cleaner is not appropriate in certain conditions. There are a lot of chemicals produced for fountain maintenance, and choosing the appropriate ones will ensure that your buildup is kept under control. Certain ones are specialized to remove buildup, while others are designed as preventative methods. Being proactive and preventative is the most beneficial decision to make.

White scale and hard water mineral deposits can be very stubborn once the buildup begins. Be sure that these don’t ruin the appearance and function of your piece. Regularly cleaning the pump and the pieces of the fountain with proper preventative methods will ensure that your piece will last for years to come.

Keeping a Healthy Pond: Oxygen and Aeration

Do you own a private lake or pond? Did you know that the pond in your backyard is its own living ecosystem? The health and balance of this ecosystem depends heavily on the actions you take to support it. A very important component of water health is the presence of oxygen in the water. Dissolving oxygen into the water keeps fish and other the living things in the water healthy, and supports healthy natural functions. The main process used to maintain proper levels of oxygen in water is aeration. The various designs of pond fountains not only provide visual enhancement, but they perform the necessary process of aeration, which benefits your pond in many ways.


If your pond is overpopulated with fish or plants, or cluttered with organic debris, it can deplete the oxygen levels in the water. When those levels are too low, a number of consequences emerge. In deeper ponds, the water can begin to stratify, or separate, which makes less room for life. The decaying process will slow, causing that awful stagnant odor. Most importantly, the fish, and other animals in your pond, rely on the oxygen in the water for their own health. If there is not enough, the animals will struggle to survive. Aeration helps to combat these issues.


The process of aeration uses a couple of different techniques to bring movement to the water, and dissolve more oxygen into the supply. When oxygen is constantly being dissolved, the water stays much cleaner and healthier. There are two main ways to aerate your pond: floating pond fountains and diffused aeration systems.

Floating pond fountains are best for ponds without much depth. These units interact mostly with the top few feet of your pond. It pulls the water, and shoots it up into the air. When the water hits the surface again, the oxygen transfer occurs when gases are released.

Diffused aeration systems are more effective with deeper ponds. If you have a pond that is eight feet or deeper, this will be the better choice for you. Instead of pulling water upwards, these units push compressed air to the floor of the pond, creating a constant flow of air bubbles in the pond. As these bubbles reach the surface, they mix the water with the air, and increase the level of dissolved oxygen.

Once you have a little information on water aeration and your pond’s ecosystem, you’ll understand the need behind pond fountains. While they are beautiful, that isn’t their only use. The health and cleanliness of your water depends on your actions. You will find that installing a pond fountain is a major improvement.

How to Choose the Right Fountain Size

When you are perusing our online catalog for the perfect fountain there are many aspects you need to consider. What is your budget for this piece? What style are you interested in purchasing? What finish would you like? How much maintenance will this piece require? How tall and wide would you like the piece?

All of these factors are contingent on the surrounding space. What shapes and colors will suit the intended area? How much space can you delegate for the fountain within the designated area? Here are some suggestions on gauging exactly how tall wide and deep your fountain should be. These methods work to simulate objects within your space and adjust the sizes accordingly to gauge what size is the best fit.

Take a picture

By taking a picture of your space you how have a flat landscape that you can work with. With a picture that captures the empty space and nearby plants or other fixtures, you can cut out paper shapes to play with. Make different shapes and sizes of cute paper. Cut pieces that are tall and thin, short and wide and all other varying dimensions. Use these spaces to juxtapose on the picture. Which one looks best? Once you decide on the general shape you are trying to fill you would need to calculate the real life dimensions of the piece. Use plants or other fixtures in the photo to scale the actual size. While this might seem tedious, it’s a great way to figure everything out on your desk.

Use placeholders

If the above method seems too virtual for you, then we suggest using placeholders within your actual space to gauge the best fit. Placeholders would be house hold objects you have that you can place in the desired location and gauge it that object is taking up a fair amount of space in your yard. Objects we recommend to use are lawn furniture, ladders and cardboard boxes. Anything that you feel comfortable moving outdoors should work.

Place the object and ask yourself questions about the dimensions. Is the object too tall or short, wide or thin, deep or shallow? Certain objects are stagnant while others will let you work with them to better gauge the space. For instance, any rope or even a hoe can be used to create a circle on the ground. With the cord you can make the circle smaller or larger. With a ladder, you may not be able to adjust the shape of it, but you can gauge according to the rungs where your eyes focus. If your eyes direct towards the second to top rung then measure according to that height.

These suggestions should help you gauge what an actual large scale object will look like in your space.

Indoor Water Features

Are you planning to give the inside of your house a complete makeover? It is time for a brand new look and a fresh, new energy? If you are planning to do some interior decorating, consider choosing a few water features to elevate the style and atmosphere of your home. If you aren’t sure where a water feature will go in your home, consider entrances, hosting areas, and bedrooms. That little touch can take them all to the next level.


The first places inside your home that your guests will experience are the entrances. They are the first impression given from your home’s interior, and first impressions are everything. A small water wall in your entryway is a great choice for accenting the style of your home, and welcoming your guest from outside. The steady flow of water keeps the energy fresh and flowing, making the entrances more inviting and appealing.

Living Rooms

One of the main rooms to focus on when it comes to interior decorating is the living room. It is the place where you will host your guests, take time out, and make cherished family memories. It is a great room for a beautiful free-standing floor fountain. A floor fountain is a great way to decorate a large room, with more benefits to offer than just filling space. If will create a calm and welcoming atmosphere, while keeping your air clean and healthy.


The bedroom is a sacred place. It is often overlooked when it comes to decorating with water features, but it is one of the rooms that can benefit from it the most. Your bedroom is like your oasis. It is the space where you can always escape and call your own. With a beautiful indoor fountain or water wall, you can make your space even more soothing. The steady sounds of the water will help you relax, concentrate, and even sleep.

If you are planning to change the interior of your home with some new water features, don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged. There are a never ending list of options, but you only have to focus on a few things. Just consider your locations, your habits, and what it is you want out of your new scene. When you’ve covered all of your bases, the rest shouldn’t be hard at all. You’ll be in your new scene in no time!