What To Consider When Choosing an Indoor Fountain

Having an indoor fountain in your home serves a wide range of benefits. Not only do they enhance the style and class of your home, but they provide several health benefits, like air purification, humidification, and the diffusion of negative ions. There are a wide range of styles, designs, and sizes of fountains to choose from. Knowing which one is right for you can be a difficult decision to make. Take a few considerations in mind when you are making this decision to help narrow down all of your options.

Where You Spend Your Time

One of the first things you’ll need to consider is general location. Fountains provide many benefits, so be sure to place yours in a location where it can do the most good. Do you spend a lot of time relaxing in the family room? A beautiful floor fountain would be the perfect accent to your space. Or maybe you’d like something for when you’re reading or trying to sleep. A wall fountain would be the perfect choice to provide calming white noise for your bedroom. Think of how to like to spend your time, and where you spend most of it. Allow your fountain to enhance your favorite room.

Who’s Living in Your Home

If you do not live alone, one important thing to consider is how your fountain affects everyone in the home. This is most important to consider if you have a family with small children. With kids around, your choices for fountain have narrowed a little. There are some models that include small separate pieces, like decorative stones. These present a choking hazard to any children in the area. You will also want to avoid anything that could be a danger to the adventurous toddler. This especially includes tall floor models that could be toppled over with a deliberate push. Opt for fountains that can you can keep completely out of their reach. Consider a desk fountain or a wall mounted piece that is far above their height.

Available Space

With the many sizes and shapes of indoor fountains, it’s important to make sure you have enough space for your desired piece. If you have a large open space, consider a major installation that can transform the entire space. You can even transform an entire wall into a sheet of cascading water. If you have a small space, you can utilize a more modest tabletop option. You can also accent a wall with a mirrored wall fountain to give a small location a larger feeling. The options are potentially endless.

You can experience all of the benefits of an indoor fountain. You just have to choose. Will it be an accent for your entrance, or a complement to your bedroom. Will it be safe for your kids? How much room do you have to work with? Ask yourself a few simple questions, and you’ll surely be able to narrow it down. You’ll find your perfect indoor fountain in no time.



Some Do’s and Don’ts of Feng Shui

Creating a comfortable and harmonious environment in your home provides you with a much healthier life overall. A clear and peaceful home makes for a clear and peaceful brain, and a brain in that condition can do a lot more with life. When it comes to making this desired environment, many people go to the ancient technique of feng shui. Feng shui is all about creating a harmonious space where positive energy flows abundantly. There are many elements involved in feng shui, but we’ve compiled a couple of do’s and don’ts with a few tips on how you can enhance your space.


Grow Plants

Any representation of nature in your home provides positive energy. Plants are a great way of introducing a fresh energy into your home. There are a wide range of indoor and low-maintenance plants that will go wonderfully in any indoor setting. With a few planters set in the perfect locations, you will have plenty of natural energy flowing through your space.

Install an Indoor Fountain

Another way of representing nature in your home is with the perfect indoor water fountain. There are a wide range of styles, from wall-mounted, desktop, and floor models. Having a fountain in your home provides an abundance of fresh energy, and the water is actually an ancient symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Negative Ions

Having these natural elements in your home also serve as a source of negative ions. Negative ions are produced by natural elements, and many people are overwhelmed with the positive ions produced by electrical appliances in their homes. Negative ions increase serotonin and energy, reducing stress and anxiety.



Having a cluttered space is a big N-O. There is no way for positive energy to flow freely with so many obstacles. It is widely agreed that a cluttered environment causes a cluttered mind, and that is a pretty useless thing to have. Be sure that you regularly clear your space of unnecessary items to keep the energy fresh.

Display Negative Imagery

Something that people often overlook is the effect that their artwork and decorations have in their home. When choosing what you will hang on your walls, consider the mood and feeling of that piece of art. Is that mood one that you want to fill your room. Be sure to choose artwork that evokes positive energy and a healthy frame of mind.

When it comes to decorating the interior of your home, be sure to remember that the way you design and maintain your space has a profound effect on the energy of your everyday life. Be sure to keep it simple, and include positive accents like fountains or plants to serve as a constant source of good energy. Your home can be the center of peace and serenity that you need.


Indoor Water Fountains Help the Mind and Body

It’s important to take good care of yourself. When a person is not conscious of the effects their actions have on their bodies, it leads to a plethora of unexpected problems and difficulties. Because of this, people must be proactive about their health, and aware of the actions and their surroundings. One of the main things to focus on is the condition of the home. Many people don’t realize how much subtle characteristics of their home environment take a toll on their overall health. Simple changes, like installing an indoor fountain can make a difference. Indoor fountains help you concentrate and keep low stress levels; they also improve air quality and provide negative ions.

Mental Benefits


The presence of an indoor fountain provides a steady and calming sound from the flowing of the water. This steady flowing sound is a great source for white noise. White noise is a great way of masking unwanted noises an distractions. The consistency of your audible environment will allow you to stay focused on the task at hand without the trouble of other noises.

Decrease Stress

Another benefit that people commonly attribute to white noise is its ability to reduce stress. The consistent audible environment mentioned before allows a person to live in a more steady and tranquil environment. The peace that is found in this environment is great for relaxing and allowing your stress to melt away.

Physical Benefits

Air Quality

The health benefits that come along with installing an indoor fountain are not purely mental. There are also physical benefits provided by their presence. Many people don’t realize that an indoor water fountain actually serves as an air purifier. The moving water attracts and collects debris floating in your air and traps it. With the occasional cleaning, some fountains work just as well as actual air purifiers.

Negative Ions

Some people may be asking themselves, “What the heck are negative ions.” To put it simply, negative ions are produced in nature, and help increase oxygen flow to your brain, improving its functionality and your mood and efficiency. People are overwhelmed with the positive ions produced by electrical appliances in their homes. The installation of an indoor fountain provides a constant source of positive ions to create a healthy balance inside.

Staying on top of your mental and physical health is a full time job. It requires constant awareness of your habits and surroundings. Making small changes can have lasting positive effects. If you are looking to improve the quality of your home, consider installing an indoor fountain to soothe your mind and body.

The Benefits of Planters Over In-Ground Gardens

Caring for a garden is one of the most gratifying feelings that a person can experience. The act of cultivating life with your own hands is one that can only truly be understood after having experienced it yourself. Every year, people enjoy this activity. There are many different ways that you can go about growing your plants. Many people till the soil in the ground and build a garden from that space. But, a less common, but very efficient way of setting up your garden is with a collection of planters instead. A garden of planters will control plant dominance, preserve your landscape, and give you maximum control over the placement of your plants.

Plant Dominance

Some plants and vegetables can unexpectedly grow in abundance with strength and aggression. Sometimes, plants will grow so strong and wide that they take over the space meant for their neighbors. It is a very common occurrence in small home gardens. People go out to see that their tomatoes are growing like wildflower, but that they have overshadowed some of the less aggressive plant life. Implementing planters will eliminate this issue. With the use of planters, you can organize your plants so that you can give each different one the type of space and attention it needs.

Landscape Preservation

Sometimes, situations occur when you can’t use the same garden you used last year. People sell their houses or move, or maybe you realized that there is a sunnier location on your property. Whatever the reason, if you decide to move or change your garden, you will be stuck with the changes you previously made if you altered your yard for your plants. Planters will eliminate this issue. With all of your plants in separate containers, you won’t have to disturb your land at all. You’ll be able to preserve your lawn while still benefiting from a harvest.

Maximum Control

What if you realized that your plants are in the wrong formation? Sometimes certain plants should be farther away from others, or maybe you didn’t realize that your placement is keeping some plants from sun. Whatever the issue, it can be very difficult to address these with an in-ground garden. But a garden of planters gives you much more freedom. If you realized a plant needs a different spot, it’s as easy as moving the planter. You’ll be able to design and tweak the perfect setup for your garden.

A planter garden isn’t something that everyone considers, but it is surely one of the best routes to take. It makes for an organized and healthy garden, where each plant can get exactly what it needs without being disturbed or harmed by other plants. With control over the plant dominance and placement, and the fact that your yard will stay in tact, it’s the very best option for some.

Water Walls and Your Perfect Meditation Setting

The world can be a hectic and stressful place. With countless sources for distraction and cries for your attention, it can be hard to find a sense of peace. People deal with this  chaos in numerous different ways. One of the oldest and most trusted methods of finding a sense of peace and stability in the world is through the practice of meditation. Meditation has been around for ages, with some of the earliest written records dating all the way back to 1500 BCE. And now, a few thousand years later, people are still trusting of this simple, yet profound technique. If you are trying to set up the perfect meditation space in your home, be sure to keep your space uncluttered and minimal, accent with flowers/candles/incense, and complement with a steady indoor fountain.

Uncluttered Minimal Setting

One of the main goals of meditation is to rid your mind of all distraction. If you are in a space that is full of clutter and mess, then you have found yourself in a whirlpool of distraction. To create a space that will facilitate the practice of meditation, it is important to empty this space of unnecessary items. A cluttered environment makes for a cluttered mind, and a cluttered mind will struggle to find any peace through meditation.

Accents: Flowers, Candles, or Incense

A common method in meditation is implementing an accent to your environment like flowers, candles, or incense. People utilize these accents to introduce a subject for focus and concentration during the meditative process. These items allow the person meditating to have a steady and simple sensory focal point. When thinking solely on a certain smell, a certain point of light, or a certain color, you are able to more easily drop other distractions and find your desired sense of peace.

Indoor Water Walls

Many people are strong advocates for finding ways of implementing the elements into a space designed for meditation. Installing an indoor water wall in your meditation space is a perfect way of doing just that. Not only will you space be enhance by the presence of the water, but the steady flowing sounds of the fountain will mitigate unwanted noise and create an even more soothing and peaceful environment. You will be able to get lost in the sounds of the flowing water, feeling only aware of your focus and your sense of peace. With an indoor fountain, your meditation space will be complete.

Don’t allow the chaos and stress of the world to get to you and get you down. Be in control of your own mind and your own feelings by finding strength through meditation. The practice has been scientifically proven to decrease stress levels and in increase focus, memory, and positive mood. With a clear setting, subtle accents, and an indoor fountain, you’ll be able to find your peace in no time.

Accent Your New Home with Water and Lights

Developing the look and feel of your new home and yard is an important process. Some of your most precious memories will be spent there. Think about keeping warm in your living room during the holidays with your family, having a cookout on a beautiful summer day, or relaxing on the patio hammock, enjoying the springtime breeze. When you look back on family photo albums, your home will be the backdrop for some of your most treasured experiences. Create a backdrop that is welcoming, calming, and beautiful. There are several ways that you can utilize water and light to accent the beauty and style of your home.

Indoor Water Panels

When you are deciding how you want to create the look and feel of your indoor space, consider the many benefits that come along with installing a fountain or water panel inside of your home. Water walls come in many colors, materials, and styles. From natural looking rock and slate pieces with copper frames, to bold and unique custom art pieces, there are many ways they can enhance the style of your space. But, that isn’t their only use. The steady flowing sounds of the water produce white noise, which is proven to calm and assist a restful sleep. The water flow also assists in purifying and humidifying the air.

Waterfall Spillways

There are several ways you can make changes to your backyard, but one of the most stylish and contemporary ways to accent your space is with spillways. Installing one (or a few) of these is a great alternative to a more traditional fountain. A statuary fountain will serve well as a centerpiece or garden accessory, but a spillway will accent your setting with a sleek sheet of water, flowing gently into a basin below. They look great along walls and staircases, or in conjunction with a small pond.

Illuminate Them

Water panels and spillways are great ways of accenting your home and patio space with water, but you can take these water features to the next level. One of the best ways you can accent your space is by installing LED lights in your water features and landscape. Lighting is a powerful element that people often overlook. When applied thoughtfully, lights can completely transform your nighttime scene. LEDs come in all types of colors, some even color-changing. With so many options for light, you can create light themes for certain moods and events, and truly make the most of your property.

When you’re planning out how you want your space to look and feel, make sure you are thoughtful with your choices. Small improvements can make all the difference. Subtle accents to your home and landscape are a great way of bringing out the natural and structural beauty of where you live. With well-placed sources of flowing water and soft light, you can truly accent your space without overwhelming the scene. You will love to come home to such a beautiful, calming, and relaxing place.

The Five Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of affecting change in your life based on purposeful use of space. Unless you have specific goals to address, such as adding more yin energy or instilling energies of wealth, then you will seek to create balance. Balance in Feng Shui means that energy is following smoothly through your space and is comprised of both yin and yang forces. It also means there is a balance of the five elements: wood, earth, fire, metal and water.


How to incorporate it: Wood can be introduced with wood furniture or shelving. Bare wood will add even more to your surroundings. Plants and tree branches will add to your space. Even greens and browns will add to this element, as they represent growth and groundedness respectively.

What it represents: growth, organic changes and natural vitality.


How to incorporate it: Adding stones to your living space is the easiest way to incorporate this element. Stones can obviously be individual gems and rocks you have collected. However, stones can also come in the form of planters, pottery and sculptures. Water Feature Pros sells stone planters, benches and fountains for your living area.

What it represents: Nourishment and sound stability.


How to incorporate it: Adding candles will give your space the fire element it needs. Simple tea lights placed in ceramic holders will do the trick. Or you can go big with a fireplace or fire fixture. If you have children or cats, you might not want to have open flames in your house. Circumvent that issue by adding firey colors such as fire, yellow, and orange.

What it represents: Passion, creativity and energetic tendencies.


How to incorporate it: Going to any antique store will lead you straight to plenty of metal decorations. These might be vases, sculptures or mirrors. Ornate metallic jewelry that you might not ever wear could be a great wall decoration. Relevant colors are white, gray and ,of course, metallic finishes.

What it represents: Austerity in the form of independence, strength and composure.


How to incorporate it: We will suggest a water feature, either a water panel or fountain. These features add the flowing water element and the stone earth element together. Pick a fountain that is right for your space. Even small condos or apartments can benefit from a table top water fountain. Water also adds negative ions to the air and really purifies the energy in your space. If you cannot add water to your space, the colors blue and black are representative of the water element.

What it represents: Abundance and prosperity. In fact many emperors and monarchs commissioned large scale fountains to show off their power and wealth.

Are you excited to add these elements into your living space? Leave a comment with your final thoughts on how you will add the elements to your home.  

Understanding Feng Shui

Feng Shui is often misunderstood, and any interior decorator might use the term meaninglessly to describe harmony in your space. Achieving ‘harmony’ is certainly a goal of Feng Shui, but we are here to tell you a little more about the principles and methods of Feng Shui. How do you achieve harmony in your living space?

What is the defining force in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice. If you are aware of traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts or Taoism, then you are actually better in tune with Feng Shui then most interior designers. If you’re not aware of the principles of these other traditional Chinese methods, then here are some guidelines.

Fengshui is based off the energy flow of spaces, particularly humans in spaces. The life-force known as chi is a flowing energy. Just think about the energy as running water, or your blood circulation. You want the circulation to be even, energetic and absolutely never become stagnant. Severe consequences manifest from stagnation, just like in water, bodies, and spaces.

Harmony also means balancing different kinds of energies. The different energies are yin and yang as well as the earth elements. Yin elements are cold and dark and represent feminine qualities. Yang elements are hot and light and represent masculine qualities. Strive for a balance between the two.

How do you make a space with sound energy flow?

Place objects and yourself in rooms accordingly

Feng Shui is the art of placement, and works with the medium of space to affect change in human life. The space has no effect on you if you are not in the space, so when you design your rooms and move furniture always think of how you will be situated in that space.

For starters on placement, you want to situate yourself according to doors. Doors cannot be easily moved, so they act as the guiding force for your home. In general, you never want to be parallel with the door. Your desk, sofa or bed should not be in line with the door. However, you should be able to see the door from these points. This will add a sense of security to your spaces.


Dependent on your lifestyle you may want more or less sunlight. For more morning sunlight, gather around windows that catch the sun rising on the east. Otherwise, choose to position yourself around windows that face west so you can enjoy the sunlight until it becomes night.

The awesome thing about Feng Shui is that it can be used to change your life and become the person you want to be. That means that if you sleep too much and live a night owl life, but want to change that aspect about you, then changing your Feng Shui can help. In that case you would want natural light to shine down on your bed easily.

Clear the clutter

The clutter represents the excess junk you are carrying in your life and mind. Most of that stuff really is garbage and keeps you stagnant in your life and energy. Do you need old photos of your ex, nope. Trash those and keep your life moving. Make space for all the new people and energies that will be flowing through your space.