Decorating with Eastern Inspiration

If you have visited East Asia, you may have fallen in love with so much about the culture and the aesthetics. If you have never traveled there you might be intrigued by the traditional philosophies of Taoism, Buddhism or even the different martial arts. There are many concepts and practices of East Asian societies that are beneficial to your health and your living space. Here are some examples.

Sitting on the floor

This is an amazing underrated characteristic of Asian homes and restaurants. Why would sitting on the floor be good in these situations? Depending on the number of guests you have at your place, you might not have enough chairs to accommodate everyone. If the floor seems like an inviting place to sit down, then kids, young adults and the hosts can relax on the floor while everyone else takes a seat on the furniture.

How do you make a floor space inviting? First off it needs to be clean. Secondly you could have floor pillows or a soft rug. A really neat piece of furniture is floor chairs. Some really look just like average chairs with the legs cut off. Other versions might be bean bags or triangular pillows which support your back.

No shoes in doors

This varies from home to home in many cultures. There are actually very few cultures that allow outdoor shoes indoors. Having a clean floor is essential to maintaining a truly livable home. Don’t be a stranger in your own home! Buy a pair of indoor slippers if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Sliding doors

While adding sliding doors to your living space would be a hassle, your place would really benefit from the change. With sliding doors you have more say over the entrances and pathways of your home.

With standard western doors, the door is closed or open, and opens in only one direction. Sliding doors slide in both directions. That means that you can dictate how wide the passage way is and whether to open it to the left or the right of the passage. Sliding doors are simply more versatile and less constraining.

Sliding doors do a great job of hiding the kitchen without constraining the space. Sliding doors are often times translucent, so you can shut off the environment while grabbing some of the light or depth that the translucent doors will give.

Asian inspired décor

Finally, you can add East Asian décor to your place. Water feature Pros sells a whole line of Asian inspired fountains. If you are looking for more decorations we also suggest prints. For your business you have to have a lucky cat!

We hope these suggestions will inspire you to explore your options and balance the eastern and western elements of your home.

Water Features to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

When the leaves fall, the skies turn gray, and the temperatures drop, life seems to get a little more difficult. During those winter months, a lot of people are dealing with the struggles of seasonal affective disorder. This occurs when the lack of sunlight and fresh air begins to take a toll on a person’s health, mood, and mental state. There are a few things you can do to avoid this, or at least soften the blow. With a regular boost of Vitamin D, a workout routine, and an indoor water feature, you’ll feel like you flew south for the winter.

Eat right

People often neglect the profound effect that their diet has on their mood and overall well-being. During the harsh winter days, when depression seems to creep up out of absolutely nowhere, it is very important to stay on top of what you take in. One of the main reasons people suffer from season affective disorder is the lack of vitamin D in their systems. Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, and during the winter, your body thirsts for it. With a vitamin D supplement, or vitamin rich foods, you can keep this feeling at bay.

Stay active

A big mistake that a lot of people make is keeping their exercise exclusive to the time of year that invites it. That is a big problem when it comes to suffering from seasonal affective disorder. When you are regularly active, your body takes note of that. Sticking to a regular workout schedule, even if it’s just a small bedroom workout or brisk walk around the block, tells your body that there is reason to move. You will have more energy and motivation, which will increase your mood and soothe the effects of the hard, cold winter.

Create the scene

Even when it’s 10 degrees outside with a foot of snow on the ground, you can enjoy yourself indoors as if it were a spring day. Installing a well-placed water feature can bring a new sense of life and energy to your home. The dry air from your furnace will be combatted by its humidifying and air purification qualities. And, the steady flow of water is reminiscent of the spring, distracting you from the frozen world outside. You can build an entire indoor oasis that always serves as your private little getaway – all year.

The harshest time of the year doesn’t have to be so harsh if you prepare for it. Seasonal affective disorder is real, and it’s real bad. With some extra vitamin D and exercise, and an indoor waterfall to set the scene, you can ease the pain until the weather breaks.

Get a Perfect Night of Sleep

Do you ever struggle with getting a restful night of sleep? Do you sometimes wake up after hours of sleep only to feel like you never slept at all? People all over the world struggle with this issue. If you are one of these people, you know how detrimental a poor night of sleep can be. It has very negative effects on your mood, alertness, and overall health. Even with all the caffeine, sugar, and energy drinks in the world, there’s no way around it; sleep is necessary. If you want to improve your night of sleep, try something a little more helpful than counting sheep. Having a warm beverage, avoiding mobile phone and TV screens before bed, and implementing white noise can make more of an impact than you might expect.

Have a warm drink

Making yourself a cup of herbal tea is a great way to begin your nightly ritual. Change into your comfortable clothing, and relax. The habit alone will begin to get your mind ready for bed. Be sure to choose herbal tea or other caffeine-free drinks. A very popular choice for a pre-bedtime drink is a nice cup of chamomile tea. It has developed a strong reputation over the years for having and therapeutic and relaxing effect. You can even opt for the classic cup of warm milk. The most important thing is that you allow your warm beverage to calm you and put you in the mode for bed.

Turn off the screens

After you’ve made your tea, it’s time to wrap up any business you need to accomplish on your computer or phone. With all that phones are capable of now, people commonly spend lots of time in bed on their phones surfing the internet and interacting on social media. What they might not be aware of is how hurtful that is to a quality night of sleep. The bright light emitted from phones and TV screens increases a person’s alertness and decreases their levels of melatonin, a hormone that reacts to light and regulates your circadian rhythm. If you prefer to have a little mental stimulation before bed, opt for a paper book or other non-electronic activity.

Create a source of white noise

Once it’s actually time for bed, create an environment that is sure to aid your quality of sleep. People often overlook the effect of small disturbances throughout the night. Sounds of traffic, unexpected weather, or outdoor activity can make a person stir without actually waking them. This person wakes up in the morning believing that they had a full night of rest, when in reality their sleep cycles were being interrupted all night. A great way to avoid this problem is by installing an indoor wall fountain in your bedroom. The white noise created by the soothing sounds of the steadily flowing water will mitigate unwanted noise and create a consistent environment for your sleep. You’ll be amazed after just one night of sleep.

Don’t allow poor nights of sleep to affect your daily life. It is not worth the daily struggles, cups of coffee, and evening crashes. Make deliberate choices every night to ensure a restful night of sleep. Have a warm drink to begin your ritual, turn off those bright screens and lights, and implement white noise into your bedroom environment. Your nights, and days, will be much better for it.

Create the Ideal Lobby or Waiting Room Environment

Too often do people go into businesses and wait for service in a less-than-desirable space. There’s only so much you can get out of old magazines from years past, and an old TV that may or may not be functioning that day. If you own a doctor’s office, restaurant, or other business where people may have to wait for service, be sure to consider their waiting experience; it has a large effect on the overall experience. With the addition of a few live plants, an indoor water fountain, and a playlist of low, unobtrusive music, you can be sure that your waiting area is welcoming and relaxing.

Live Plants

A great way to add a fresh sense of life and energy to your environment is to take a few planters or urns, and install a few live plants in your waiting area. The fresh plants will improve the visual and air quality for your customers. You don’t have to have a green thumb to pull off something like this. There are a wide selection of beautiful, resilient plants that require minimum watering and upkeep. If you would like to have living plants, but worry that you don’t have the time to take care of them, one of these options would be perfect for your business.

Indoor Water Fountain

If you have a business where customers may prefer a little more privacy, indoor water fountains are a great way to discreetly mitigate sound. The last thing a person wants to hear from the dentist waiting room is the doctor using his/her drill. And, on the other hand, a person having a private or personal procedure will want to make sure their privacy is protected. Not only will an indoor water fountain look great, but it will help to create a more soothing and consistent environment for your patrons.

Low Music

One of the most awkward and uncomfortable situations people encounter is having to be in a quiet space with strangers. People begin to feel self-conscious about every cough, movement, and sound they make. The perfect way to diffuse this tense energy is with a playlist of low, non-distracting music. The music doesn’t have to be prominent, just loud enough to keep the energy alive and flowing. When you’re choosing your music, consider your customer base. In some places, jazz instrumentals will be more appropriate, while in others, a more modern style of music may be desired.

Your customer’s experience begins as soon as they walk through the front doors of your business. Be sure that their time spent with you is acceptable from beginning to end. The last a business owner wants is for their customer’s experience to be ruined by a bad first impression. If you have to make you customers wait, be sure that their waiting experience is the best it can be. With the addition of a few plants, an indoor water fountain, and a low-volume playlist, your customers will feel welcome and relaxed.

Design the Perfect Study

Do you have a home office where you spend hours and hours of your time hard at work, or a study where you enjoy relaxing with some of your favorite literature? Your surroundings play a large part in the efficiency of your work and studying. If you have control of these surroundings, make the most of them. When it comes to the general interior design of your study, be sure that this space benefits your work and concentration. You can create the perfect setting with proper lighting, greenery, and indoor fountains.


One of the main ways you can ensure a environment for concentration is by installing the proper lighting. Have multiple sources of light, and access to a window if you have the option. Many people spend their time inside all day with improper lighting and feel drained without even walking ten feet. Avoid this, and create a more vibrant setting. If you can, avoid traditional incandescent lightbulbs, and opt for compact fluorescent bulbs. They provide a different quality of light that is more similar to sunlight and proven to increase concentration.


Something that can be easily overlooked by a business person is the use of plants and greenery to enhance your workspace and work quality. There are several small plants that are great for indoor growth and desk placement. You can even opt for something small to sit in your window, or a window box to sit right outside with a beautiful display of life. There are studies that have found a correlation between the presence of a desk plant and increased levels of concentration. A small change like this can lead to a much larger improvement.

Indoor Fountains

One of the best ways to create a calm and serene environment for your study or home office is by installing a fountain inside. There are many types of indoor options. Wall mounted and free standing water fountains are a great way of decorating with a purpose. You can even opt for a small desk fountain. These fountains will create a steady flowing sound that is much more beneficial than many people realize. It isn’t just the water sounds that help, but the steady white noise created from these sounds is proven to improve relaxation and concentration.

If you spend a vast majority of your time at home in your office or study, be sure that the space is designed to help your work flow smoothly. Create a scene that facilitates your work and studying. Set the scene with proper lighting, enhance the feeling with appropriate greenery, and complete the feeling the installation of an indoor fountain. Your work experience will be be tremendously improved.


Combat White Scale and Hard Water Mineral Deposits

People have enjoyed the many benefits of water fountains throughout many years of human history. They serve a wide range of purposes, and these days, it is not uncommon to find water fountains in people’s gardens and even inside of their homes. They transform the visual and physical environment as well as creating welcoming and soothing atmospheres. People rarely have anything to complain about when it comes to their water feature. But, one common issue that people have in their fountains is the buildup of white scale and hard water mineral deposits. There are a few ways you can be proactive about these problems.

Clean the Pump

Before you even begin to notice the effects of white scale and hard water mineral deposits in your fountain, your pump will be experiencing them. Be sure to clean your pump regularly, as it is the first place where the buildup will be happening. You will want to remove the back of your pump and clean it thoroughly. It can be very effective to use a little water pressure and a small scrub brush to clean the holes inside the pump. You should also clean the tube that connects the pump to the fountain, where a lot of the buildup will be happening.

Regular Deep Cleaning

While cleaning the pump will play a big part in keeping unwanted buildup in your fountain at bay, it is not the only form of maintenance you should be aware. A regular deep cleaning schedule is required to keep you fountain in top conditions. A monthly cleaning is probably best. You will want to turn your fountain off, and drain all of the water from it to begin. There are many fountain chemicals available for this process, and you will want to use them on every single part of your fountain; don’t forget the small, separate decorative pieces.

Appropriate Fountain Chemicals

When it comes to the deep cleaning process, the chemicals you choose are very important. Any household cleaner is not appropriate in certain conditions. There are a lot of chemicals produced for fountain maintenance, and choosing the appropriate ones will ensure that your buildup is kept under control. Certain ones are specialized to remove buildup, while others are designed as preventative methods. Being proactive and preventative is the most beneficial decision to make.

White scale and hard water mineral deposits can be very stubborn once the buildup begins. Be sure that these don’t ruin the appearance and function of your piece. Regularly cleaning the pump and the pieces of the fountain with proper preventative methods will ensure that your piece will last for years to come.

Indoor Water Features

Are you planning to give the inside of your house a complete makeover? It is time for a brand new look and a fresh, new energy? If you are planning to do some interior decorating, consider choosing a few water features to elevate the style and atmosphere of your home. If you aren’t sure where a water feature will go in your home, consider entrances, hosting areas, and bedrooms. That little touch can take them all to the next level.


The first places inside your home that your guests will experience are the entrances. They are the first impression given from your home’s interior, and first impressions are everything. A small water wall in your entryway is a great choice for accenting the style of your home, and welcoming your guest from outside. The steady flow of water keeps the energy fresh and flowing, making the entrances more inviting and appealing.

Living Rooms

One of the main rooms to focus on when it comes to interior decorating is the living room. It is the place where you will host your guests, take time out, and make cherished family memories. It is a great room for a beautiful free-standing floor fountain. A floor fountain is a great way to decorate a large room, with more benefits to offer than just filling space. If will create a calm and welcoming atmosphere, while keeping your air clean and healthy.


The bedroom is a sacred place. It is often overlooked when it comes to decorating with water features, but it is one of the rooms that can benefit from it the most. Your bedroom is like your oasis. It is the space where you can always escape and call your own. With a beautiful indoor fountain or water wall, you can make your space even more soothing. The steady sounds of the water will help you relax, concentrate, and even sleep.

If you are planning to change the interior of your home with some new water features, don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged. There are a never ending list of options, but you only have to focus on a few things. Just consider your locations, your habits, and what it is you want out of your new scene. When you’ve covered all of your bases, the rest shouldn’t be hard at all. You’ll be in your new scene in no time!

Why Your Business Needs an Indoor Water Feature

When it comes to owning your own business, it’s expected for the owner to have all of their bases covered. There are many times when a person knows exactly what it takes to run their business, be it a restaurant, retail store, or doctor’s office, but they overlook the atmosphere. There are many reasons why an indoor water feature can benefit your business, including brand exposure, useful white noise, and aesthetic value.

Brand Exposure

One of the best ways to have your customers remember your brand and style, is by having your logo prominently displayed. There are many options for custom fountains and water walls that can feature any image you choose. The stunning visual that a water feature creates will draw attention, and once people are looking, they’ll immediately see, and remember, your logo. It’s a great way to bring focus on your specific brand and to make it stick.

White Noise

Out of the many common mistakes that a business owner or host can make, one of the most damaging is not considering the sound environment that their guests will be experiencing. Too often have people sat in awkward silence, afraid to converse for fear that strangers will overhear their private conversations. Adding a fountain or indoor waterfall can be a great way to add white noise to your environment. This will help to diffuse the awkward silence and rigid atmosphere.

Aesthetic Value

The visual appearance of where you do business is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to running a proper business. No matter how good your service, product, or abilities are, some people will always be put off by an uninviting and unattractive view. Adding a water feature can bring an entirely new sense of style and class to your space. A water wall totally transforms a room, and a free standing floor fountain serves as the perfect accent or conversation piece. Installing one of these options is a simple way to make a big improvement.

If you are having issues decorating your newly acquired space, or looking for a way to improve the look and feel of your space, consider installing a water feature. It’s a great way to keep your brand and logo on display, while creating a beautiful visual and calming atmosphere for your guests. You and your customers will be very grateful when all of the many benefits begin to really pay off.

Which Indoor Fountain is Right for You?

Installing a water feature in your home makes for a substantial improvement. The presence of a steady flow of water in an artistic setting is inspiring, calming, and therapeutic. With all of the options that are present in the realm of indoor water features, it can be hard to decide just which type of water feature is appropriate for you. When considering your purchase, consider three main possible location options: the wall, floor, or tabletop.

Wall Fountains

If you are looking to transform the style and feeling of a room in your home, you are probably considering purchasing a wall fountain. Water walls are popular choices for interior decorating, and for good reason. With their many styles and sizes, they can accent a room or create a major scene. A small water wall can hang near a bed to help with sleep and relaxation, while one of the more grand options can take up an entire wall in your house, creating a truly magnificent visual. Wall fountains require the most installation of all the indoor options, but they are well worth the labor.

Floor Options

One of the more overlooked and underrated options for decorating your home or office is the floor fountain. These versatile pieces are the perfect option if you’re trying to decorate a space that has no room on the walls or tables. They serve as perfect accent pieces in your foyer, dining room, or even your bedroom. They aren’t the best option for small rooms, but they are a great way to make a large room more welcoming and comfortable. You can use them as sculptures to add to the artistic energy in your home, and as tools for relaxation and concentration.

Tabletop Fountains

A different option comes in the form of tabletop fountains. These small, unique pieces offer plenty of possibilities to those who have no room on their walls and would like to conserve floor space. They are a great tool for decorating the spaces where you entertain guests and enjoy family time. You can use one as a perfect centerpiece for a table in your living room, providing aesthetic appeal and conversational inspiration.

There are a wide array of options when it comes to adding a water feature to your home or other indoor environment. Even when you narrow it down, the choices can seem to keep appearing. Choose the room you would like to enhance with a water feature and go from there. Decide what type of mood or look you are searching for, and choose the best feature to accomplish those goals.

Enhance Your Workday with a Desk Fountain

Sitting at your desk all day can sometimes feel draining and monotonous. Staring at the computer screen can make you forget all about the beautiful world that is out there. Bring a little bit of that beautiful world into your workspace with a small tabletop fountain for your desk. Having your own little fountain can help with concentration, reduce stress, and improve air quality. You can improve the daily grind with a simple touch.


When you’re hard at work, your efficiency and productivity are two very important factors of your success. With a small tabletop fountain for your desk, you can create an atmosphere that is relaxing, allowing your mind to work at maximum efficiency. White noise has been known to help people focus and work faster. The steady flowing sounds will be a perfect natural contrast to the rigid, electronic world in which you work.


The white noise that is produced by those steady sounds has also been known to help reduce stress levels and anxiety. At work, you can find yourself in some of the most stressful and frustrating situations. Taking small, conscious efforts to combat that stress is something you must do, and having a desk fountain can help you more than you know. The sounds are soothing, therapeutic, and relaxing. When work becomes to feel overwhelming, you can take a deep breath and listen to the sounds of your desk fountain.

Air Quality

With a fountain for your desk, those relieving deep breaths will feel even more refreshing. The quality of your air is something that affects you, no matter where you are. With work being a place where you spend a large portion of your time, you should be proactive about making those conditions healthy for you. An indoor fountain helps with air humidity during the dry, brutal winter months, and also serves as an air purifier, removing dirt and debris from the air.

Your job is like another home, and it should be a comfortable and healthy environment. Adding a small tabletop fountain to your desk or workspace is a great way to improve your daily life. With its benefits with concentration, stress, and air quality, you’ll wonder why you never had a desk fountain before!

Decor Tips for Your Lobby or Waiting Room Area

The lobby of your medical, office or spa setting is your company’s first intimate impression on most of your customers. In that setting you want to make sure the customer is both comfortable and aware of the integrity of your brand. This balance can be best accomplished with well thought out lobby décor. We encourage you to focus on modern styling, because it will be professional and welcoming.

What to avoid:

Household furniture

There are many pitfalls of a lobby area that are quite common. In an attempt to seem cozy and welcoming, the furniture might look like something you would have in your own house. We discourage ‘cozy’ furniture and promote sleek leather loveseats and chairs.

Out of date decor

Another sore sight in lobby areas is out of date decoration. Cute figurines, cheap plaques, old photos and impression prints should be tossed to the side.


We encourage minimalism in your lobby. Eclectic designs are hip, comfortable and creative. However, this style is not appropriate for professional offices and sophisticated spas and clinics. To maintain a modern feel, keep your number of furniture, wall fixtures and tables to a minimum.

What to add

While we stress minimalism, we want to give you some options for making your lobby more than an empty waiting space.

Indoor water features

Indoor water features, especially the water panel, provide a modern piece and soothing sounds for your customers. Water panels are stone or mirror slates that can be mounted on a wall or are free standing. Water continuously falls down the slate and adds a natural element to your lobby. You can even reiterate your brand by imprinting your logo on the mirror slate.

Add modern artworks

Impressionism works and inspiration posters will not fly in your new modern space. You only need one or two prominent pieces, but where can you find appropriate art. Purchasing prints of famous modern artists will work. However, the best option to go to your local downtown gallery and purchase a piece or see if you can commission an art. Support your living and local artists.

Striking colors

Color schemes are the culprit to most sterile feeling waiting rooms. We discourage the following: white, pastels, paneling. A deep taupe is our preferred alternative to an off white. We also like the following: Kelly green, burgundy, and burnt orange.

Water Walls to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Are you more of the outdoorsy type? Do you love taking hikes and experiencing the fresh air, plants, and flowing rivers and streams? Sometimes, living in a house like a civilized person can take a toll on the natural adventurer in you. Don’t let the rigid characteristics of spending time indoors get you down. For those days when you can’t go out, create a scene in your own home that is reminiscent of the great outdoors. There are a few ways you can accomplish this feeling. Adding potted plants, accenting your windows, and installing an indoor water feature are all great ways of easing that trapped feeling.

Plants and Greenery

One of the best things you can do to improve the feeling of an indoor space and evoke that natural outdoor feeling is by adding potted plants to your décor. The plants will immediately remind you of being out in the elements. The colors and shapes will create a brand new look in your home, and the natural scents and aromas will alleviate the need for using air fresheners. Your house will smell like the fresh outdoors. If you can, choose plants that remind you of some of your favorite outdoor places. If you are a busy person, but still would like some greenery in your space, opt for plants that are a bit more independent. There are several types of plant that require less watering and attention; those might be best for you. A little bit of life in your windows can make all the difference.

Accent the Windows

Placing plants and flowers in your windows isn’t the only way to reap the benefits of natural sunlight. Take full advantage of your windows. A big mistake that people make when they are decorating the inside of their home is blocking their windows. Placing furniture in front of your windows can be a big problem. Be sure to place your furniture in places that won’t interfere with the sunlight, and access to your windows. You may also want to consider options other than mini blinds and shades. If you want to take full advantage of the natural sunlight, consider using sheer fabric instead of thick, heavy material for curtains. The light and air will flow much smoother.

Install a Water Wall

Allowing the light and air in isn’t the only way to experience a natural flow in your home. One of the worst things about spending time indoors is the lack of flowing water (excluding indoor plumbing). A long day inside can leave you longing for a relaxing evening next to a steady stream. Installing a water wall or indoor fountain is the perfect way to create that effect in your own home. The steady sounds will calm and relax you, and provide white noise, which helps people concentrate and sleep. Making this choice is probably the most effective way of bring the outdoors in your own home.

Living life inside doesn’t have to be miserable. When the weather is too bad, or you have tasks to accomplish indoors, you can still feel the effects of the great outdoors. Greenery, access to windows, and well-placed water feature can transport you to your own oasis.