Ways a Water Feature Positively Impacts Your Business

For many people, having a large scale water feature in their home seems frivolous. For yourself, you might be thinking that money could be better spent on a vacation in Cancun. However, as a business expense you will not feel as guilty for the purchase and will ultimately see financial gains because of the water feature. As individuals we are free to live according to whatever style suits us. Your business, on the other hand, is a living advertisement that always needs to boast your company’s qualities and values. A water feature for your business is nowhere near frivolous. Here are some ways a water feature promotes good business.

An outstanding feature marks your professional image

Unless you are a bar owner or manage a kids’ playhouse, the increasing level of sophistication your company can exude is always a great indicator of two important ideas. Firstly, the upscale atmosphere that comes with a well-placed water feature gives the image of professionalism. Customers will assume you are knowledgeable, well-mannered and a strong negotiator. Also, an upscale appearance insures that you will gain more upscale clients and be able to charge accordingly.

Ease the tension of otherwise austere spaces

While fountains can promote a strong image, they also add a soothing or playful touch to much needed areas. The most obvious situation is with lobbies. Any lobby, even if it is for a romantic hotel, will feel like the DMV on a slow day if the proper décor is not taken into consideration. For medical offices, the pleasant sound will ease the tension in patients’ minds. In spas, the customers begin to sense the amazing experience they are in store for by looking at the natural flow of water. And lastly, the hotel lobby will begin the engaging experience for your customer before they even check into their room. This means they will want to walk around the hotel and are more likely to dine at the hotel restaurant.

Kids will love it

Many households have one or more children. If your space can win over the kids and provide a great service to the adults then you are set. Children love wishing fountains, and will be delighted to toss a penny in. Keeping a child content when they might otherwise be screaming, lets the adults know that this is a place they can come to again. Parents either do not want to take their child out and have to deal with their tantrums in public, or they are slightly embarrassed when it does happen unexpectedly.

These are some reasons why buying a fountain business is a much more worthwhile purchase than setting up your own water feature in home. Your friends will love spending time with you regardless if you have a water feature or not. However, your customers are not so generous.

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Finding a Fountain for Your Bedroom

Finding a Fountain for Your Bedroom

When people think of having a water feature installed in their home, they often think of outdoor features for their gardens and patio spaces. People tend to overlook the wide range of indoor options, especially when it comes to decorating their own bedroom. But, there are many benefits and effects to consider for water features in your bedroom. You want something that will fit visually, contribute to air quality, and help you sleep.

Visual Appeal

Choosing the right fountain or other water feature for your bedroom will require a little bit of an artistic eye. You can’t just place any feature in any location, and you want to make sure the choice you’re making is the most appropriate one. If you have a small bedroom, you may want to opt for a small tabletop fountain to sit on a bedside table, or a small wall fountains that will leave all of your floor space open to other options.

Air Quality

Your bedroom is where you spend a large portion of your time. The air quality of your bedroom can be greatly improved with an appropriate water feature. An indoor fountain is capable of removing dust, dirt, and debris from the air. The larger your fountain is, the more effective its air purification qualities are. You do your deepest breathing in your bedroom every night when you sleep; make sure those breaths are clean and healthy.

Sleep Quality

Having a fountain in your home will not only help your breathing when you sleep, but the actual quality of the sleep itself. White noise is known for helping people get an uninterrupted high quality level of sleep. People even purchase noise machines whose sole purpose is to create white noise as a sleep aid. Allow a fountain to accomplish this goal along with several others.

If you’re looking for a way to refresh the energy of your bedroom, remember everything that an indoor water feature can do for you. Your bedroom is your own private oasis; make sure that it is good enough for you. The improvements on your interior decoration, air quality, and sleep quality will be greatly appreciated. Your bedroom will never be the same.

Adding Water Features Indoors

If one is to here talk of fountains, waterfalls, or other water features, there is a common visual that comes to mind. That visual almost always includes an outdoor setting. When it concerns flowing water, people tend to visualize grand, overwhelming landscapes with towering stone fountains and majestic waterfalls that can only be experienced in the great outdoors. People tend to overlook the many options and benefits that come along with bringing water features inside the home.

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to applying a water feature to your indoor décor. There are many styles of water walls, floor fountains, indoor waterfalls, and more. Upon discovering the world of indoor water features, you will find a few main benefits to adding them to your own home: aesthetics, sound therapy, and air quality.


The interior decorator in you will soon find that adding a water feature to your indoor space can be a great way to add a new flair to your environment. A free-standing indoor fountain can be placed against a large wall and bring a cozier feel to an oversized space. The movement of a small water wall can keep a small rooms energy refreshed and open. There are an endless amount of options, and a plethora of styles, that will allow you to not only create a look, but a full scene.

Sound Therapy

People love listening to the sounds of falling rain, flowing streams, and steady waterfalls. There is a reason for this. The white noise that is provided with these sounds is a proven to calm people, help them concentrate, and even help them sleep. Installing a well-placed indoor feature can also mitigate any unwanted noise, like city streets or noisy neighbors.

Air Quality

Did you know that an indoor fountain can serve as a humidifier and an ionic air purifier? The constant flow of water gives the air in your home a continuous source of moisture. When you have appliances or weather drying out your air, you’ll be especially pleased with this.

There are also many appliances in your home (microwave oven, TV, computer, refrigerator) that produce positive ions. When a person breathes in these positive ions, it compromises their energy and health. An indoor water feature will provide the same negative ions that are present in flowing rivers and mountain air. Breathing these in will increase serotonin and mood.

If you’re in the market for a new water feature, don’t confine your options to your outdoor spaces. A beautiful free-standing indoor fountain can serve as the perfect accent or conversation piece in your living room; an elegant water wall in your bedroom can make your rest much more valuable. If you’re doing some interior decorating, consider what a water feature can do for your space.

Finding the Fountain that Fits

Is it time for some redecorating? Is the interior designer in you itching for a brand new project? When it comes to creating the scene inside your home, adding a water feature can be a great touch. Available in a wide array of styles and designs, the possibilities for decorating with water are virtually limitless. With all of these choices, be sure to find the feature that complements the look of your home the best. When you are decorating, be aware of three main elements of design: color, texture, and size.


One of the most striking elements you will want to be aware of is color. If you are decorating a contemporary styled room with modern features and bright colors, a rustic, natural looking water wall won’t flow well with the other pieces in the room. Alternatively, if you are wanting to accent a room that features neutral colors and classic elements, a sleek rain feature with colored LEDs might stick out like a sore thumb. Be sure to have a color scheme for you entire room.


When choosing a water feature, an element that is often overlooked is texture. Though it isn’t as immediately noticeable as color, texture can make a big difference in the look of your scene. When choosing texture, it’s all about complementing the whole. A wall fountain with a natural rock texture is the perfect way to accent a classic family or dining room. A more smooth and elegant design may be preferred if your setting lends itself to a more modern style.


In the decorating process, size is a big deal. It can make all the difference on how effective your decorative choices really are. When you are decorating a large room, be sure to avoid using many small pieces. Large spaces are best suited for large water walls, and floor fountains. When it comes to small rooms, tabletop and small wall features are best. You don’t want your fountain to use valuable floor space.

Don’t be the cause of any decorative disasters. When you are choosing which fountain is right for you, think of the room you are decorating and find the piece that complements it. Keep color, texture, and size in mind, and you should have no problem hitting the mark.

Health Benefits of Indoor Water Features

If you are considering installing a water feature in your home or business, you are probably already well aware of a few of the many benefits that come along with it. They can provide beautiful visuals and the steady water sounds help to relax you and mitigate unwanted noise. But, did you know that indoor water features benefit your health as well. An indoor fountain serves as an air purifier, humidifier, and ionic air purifier.

Air Purifier

Clean air is extremely important, especially in the home you share with your family. If you would like an air purifier with other benefit and capabilities, you may actually need to consider an indoor fountain. It will be much more aesthetically appealing, and, believe it or not, will clean your air just as well. A test on an 84 inch fountain in a 2700 square foot roomed concluded that the fountain removed the same amount of dirt and debris as a HEPA air purifier, and a larger fountain would clean your air even more efficiently.


Another important factor of your home’s air quality is the humidity (or lack thereof). In those bitter winter months when your furnace is drying up all the air in your house, your skin, hair, and respiratory system start to really experience the consequences. Installing an indoor water feature can turn your humidity troubles around. A fountain or water wall is a much more attractive alternative to a machine designed solely for air humidifying. They provide a constant source of water for your air, allowing your home to remain comfortable and keeping your body from suffering.

Ionic Air Purifier

There is another important issue when it comes to your home’s air quality, and that is positive and negative ions. Some people are familiar with this, many aren’t. The air in your home is constantly being electrically charged by positive and negative ions. The positive ions are produced by common appliances in your home, like or television or microwave. When you breathe in that air, the positive ions are able to take a toll on your mood and energy. Indoor water features provide negative ions to combat this phenomenon. These are the same negative ions produced in natural settings, like rivers, forests, and mountains. The negative ions will increase your production of serotonin, improving your mood and energy.

Indoor fountains and water walls are amazing pieces of machinery and art. Not only will an indoor water feature improve the style and class of your indoor setting, but it will also contribute to your health. Serving to clean, humidify, and purify your air, the benefits, like the water, seem to never stop flowing.

Combine Water and Light for a Stunning Visual

Creating the right atmosphere for your home is a special process. Many of your most precious memories will be spent at home. Imagine the warmth of the fireplace during the holidays, the warmth of the sun on a beautiful summer day, or the springtime breeze while relaxing on the patio hammock. You’ll see while reminiscing with family photo albums that your home is the backdrop for some of your most treasured experiences. Create a backdrop that is welcoming, calming, and beautiful. There are several ways that you can utilize water and light to accent the beauty and style of your home.

Indoor Wall Mounted Fountains

If you are looking for the perfect way to bring a new look and feel to your indoor space, a wall mounted fountain may be just what you’ve been searching for. Water walls come in a wide range of colors, materials, and styles. From natural looking rock and slate pieces with copper frames, to bold and unique custom art pieces, there are many ways they can enhance the style of your space. The water flow also assists in purifying and humidifying the air. The steady flowing sounds of the water produce white noise, which is proven to calm and assist a restful sleep.

Outdoor Water Features

There are several ways you can make changes to your backyard, but one of the most stylish and impressive ways to accent your space is with water. A  beautiful statuary fountain will serve well as a centerpiece or garden accessory. If you are look for a more sleek and modern look, a spillway will accent your setting with a sleek sheet of water, flowing gently into a basin below. They look great along walls and staircases, or in conjunction with a small pond.

Illuminate Them

Water panels, fountains, and spillways are great ways of accenting your home and patio space with water, and you can do even more take these water features to the next level. One of the best ways you can accent your space is by installing LED lights in your water features and landscape. Lighting is a powerful element that people often overlook. When applied thoughtfully, lights can completely transform your nighttime scene. LEDs come in all types of colors, some even color-changing. With so many options for light, you can create light themes for certain moods and events, and truly make the most of your property.

When you’re planning out how you want your space to look and feel, make sure you are thoughtful with your choices. Small improvements can make all the difference. Subtle accents to your home and landscape are a great way of bringing out the natural and structural beauty of where you live. With well-placed sources of flowing water and soft light, you can truly accent your space without overwhelming the scene. You will love to come home to such a beautiful, calming, and relaxing place.

Guidelines for Implementing Feng Shui

Creating a comfortable and harmonious environment in your home provides you with a much healthier life overall. A clear and peaceful home makes for a clear and peaceful brain, and a brain in that condition can do a lot more with life. When it comes to making this desired environment, many people go to the ancient technique of feng shui. Feng shui is all about creating a harmonious space where positive energy flows abundantly. There are many elements involved in feng shui, but we’ve compiled a list of things to consider and a few to avoid with a few tips on how you can enhance your space.

Things to Consider

Live Greenery

Any representation of nature in your home provides positive energy. Plants are a great way of introducing a fresh energy into your home. There are a wide range of indoor and low-maintenance plants that will go wonderfully in any indoor setting. With a few planters set in the perfect locations, you will have plenty of natural energy flowing through your space.

Indoor Fountains

Another way of representing nature in your home is with the perfect indoor water fountain. There are a wide range of styles, from wall-mounted, desktop, and floor models. Having a fountain in your home provides an abundance of fresh energy, and the water is actually an ancient symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Negative Ions

Having these natural elements in your home also serve as a source of negative ions. Negative ions are produced by natural elements, and many people are overwhelmed with the positive ions produced by electrical appliances in their homes. Negative ions increase serotonin and energy, reducing stress and anxiety.

Things to Avoid


Having a cluttered space is a big N-O. There is no way for positive energy to flow freely with so many obstacles. It is widely agreed that a cluttered environment causes a cluttered mind, and that is a pretty useless thing to have. Be sure that you regularly clear your space of unnecessary items to keep the energy fresh.

Display Negative Imagery

Something that people often overlook is the effect that their artwork and decorations have in their home. When choosing what you will hang on your walls, consider the mood and feeling of that piece of art. Is that mood one that you want to fill your room. Be sure to choose artwork that evokes positive energy and a healthy frame of mind.

When it comes to decorating the interior of your home, be sure to remember that the way you design and maintain your space has a profound effect on the energy of your everyday life. Be sure to keep it simple, and include positive accents like fountains or plants to serve as a constant source of good energy. Your home can be the center of peace and serenity that you need.


Deisgn a Nature-Inspired Interior with Wall Fountains

Are you a person who loves experiencing the elements of nature. Do you spend some of your free time taking hikes to experience the exhilaration of the fresh air, flowing rivers, and and gentle streams? Spending too much time indoors can begin to take a toll on the more natural aspect of your personality. The one space you have the most control is your own home. For those days when you would rather be out in taking long walks, create a scene in your home that is reminiscent of those natural elements you love so much. Utilizing potted plants, clearing your window space, and installing an indoor fountain are all great ways of easing that caged-in feeling.

Indoor Greenery

One of the best things you can do to improve the feeling of an indoor space and evoke that natural outdoor sense is by adding potted plants to your décor. The plants will immediately remind you of being out in the elements. The colors and shapes will crete a brand new look in your home, and the natural scents and aromas will alleviate the need for using air fresheners; your house will smell like the fresh outdoors. If you can, choose plants that remind you of some of your favorite outdoor places. If you are a busy person, but still would like some greenery in your space, opt for plants that are a bit more independent. There are several types of plants that require less watering and attention. A little bit of life can make all the difference.

Free Your Window Space

The plants and flowers in your home aren’t only things that can reap the benefits of a window’s natural light. Take full advantage of your window area. A common mistake that people make with interior design is blocking their windows. Placing furniture in front of your windows can turn out to be a big mistake. You may also want to consider options other than mini blinds and shades. If you want to take full advantage of the natural sunlight, consider using sheer fabric instead of thick, heavy material for curtains. The light and air will flow much more freely.

Indoor Fountains

Allowing the light and air in isn’t the only way to experience a natural flow in your home. One of the worst things about spending time indoors is the lack of flowing water. A long day inside can leave you longing for a relaxing evening next to a steady stream. Installing an indoor fountain, like a water wall, is the perfect way to create that effect in your own home. The steady sounds will calm and relax you, and provide white noise, which helps people concentrate and sleep. Making this choice is one of the most effective way of bring the outdoors in your own home.

Life indoors doesn’t have to be miserable. When the weather keeps you in, or you have indoor tasks to accomplish, you can still feel the effects of the great outdoors. Greenery, access to windows, and a well-placed water feature can transport you to your own indoor oasis.

Create a Space Where You Can Concentrate

Sometimes, one of the most difficult things to do is just buckle down and finish a task or assignment. There are often too many distractions to even focus on the task at hand. Whether it’s a paper for school, an assignment from work, or a bit of personal research time, it’s important that you make the most of your studying time. This means that your studying environment must be a place that facilitates the studious mindset. To create the perfect studying environment, start with the perfect location, rid the space of unnecessary distractions, and support your concentration with an indoor fountain.


Choosing the right place to sit and study is one of the more important choices in the process. You will want a place that is calm and tranquil, but not one that is too relaxing, otherwise you might begin to get too comfortable and allow your concentration to slip. For this reason, try not to create your studying environment in your bedroom. The habits and energy that are connected with that space all tell you to kick off your shoes, put up your feet, and eventually go to bed. If you don’t have a room to develop an office space, consider studying in your dining room or living room.

No Distractions

Once you have chosen your space, you must rid the location of distractions. If there are TVs in the room, they are unplugged; cell phones and mobile devices are turned off; if there are children or other distracting people around, set a strict boundary. The less objects you have in the room, the better. A cluttered location makes for a cluttered mindset. Rid the space of excessive decoration to create a space that gives you room to think without having your thoughts drawn, all of a sudden, into another direction.

Indoor Fountain

When it comes to ridding your space of distractions, there is only so much you can do. If you live in a noisy neighborhood, or next to a busy street, the unexpected sounds of the outside world can be a huge impediment on your concentration. One of the best ways to mitigate this unwanted noise is by installing an indoor fountain with a steady, tranquil water flow. The flowing sounds of the water help by making those other noises much less distinct, and adding a constant sound that provides no distractions. There are options for your wall, your desk, and some that stand on their own.

Cracking down on those assignments can be easier if you set yourself up for success. Many people struggle with focus and concentration. It’s important to build an environment that allows your mind to work without distractions. By choosing the right location, simplifying the space, and installing an indoor fountain, you can read and focus in a distraction-free zone.

Facilitate a Work Environment with a Desk Fountain

Sitting at your desk all day can sometimes feel draining and monotonous. Staring at the computer screen can make you forget all about the beautiful world that is out there. Bring a little bit of that beautiful world into your workspace with a small tabletop fountain for your desk. Having your own little fountain can help with concentration, reduce stress, and improve air quality. You can improve the daily grind with a simple touch.


When you’re hard at work, your efficiency and productivity are two very important factors of your success. With a small tabletop fountain for your desk, you can create an atmosphere that is relaxing, allowing your mind to work at maximum efficiency. White noise has been known to help people focus and work faster. The steady flowing sounds will be a perfect natural contrast to the rigid, electronic world in which you work.


The white noise that is produced by those steady sounds has also been known to help reduce stress levels and anxiety. At work, you can find yourself in some of the most stressful and frustrating situations. Taking small, conscious efforts to combat that stress is something you must do, and having a desk fountain can help you more than you know. The sounds are soothing, therapeutic, and relaxing. When work becomes to feel overwhelming, you can take a deep breath and listen to the sounds of your desk fountain.

Air Quality

With a fountain for your desk, those relieving deep breaths will feel even more refreshing. The quality of your air is something that affects you, no matter where you are. With work being a place where you spend a large portion of your time, you should be proactive about making those conditions healthy for you. An indoor fountain helps with air humidity during the dry, brutal winter months, and also serves as an air purifier, removing dirt and debris from the air.

Your job is like another home, and it should be a comfortable and healthy environment. Adding a small tabletop fountain to your desk or workspace is a great way to improve your daily life. With its benefits with concentration, stress, and air quality, you’ll wonder why you never had a desk fountain before!

Create a Welcoming Environment for Your Customers

Too often do people go into businesses and wait for service in a less-than-desirable space. There’s only so much you can get out of old magazines from years past, and an old TV that may or may not be functioning that day. If you own a doctor’s office, restaurant, or other business where people may have to wait for service, be sure to consider their waiting experience; it has a large effect on the overall experience. With the addition of a few live plants, an indoor water fountain, and a playlist of low, unobtrusive music, you can be sure that your waiting area is welcoming and relaxing.

Live Plants

A great way to add a fresh sense of life and energy to your environment is to take a few planters or urns, and install a few live plants in your waiting area. The fresh plants will visually enhance your space while improving air quality for your customers. You don’t have to have a green thumb to pull off something like this. There are a wide selection of beautiful, resilient plants that require minimum watering and upkeep. If you would like to have living plants, but worry that you don’t have the time to take care of them, one of these options would be perfect for your business.

Indoor Water Fountain

If you have a business where customers may prefer a little more privacy, indoor water fountains are a great way to discreetly mitigate sound. The last thing a person wants to hear from the dentist waiting room is the doctor using his/her drill. And, on the other hand, a person having a private or personal procedure will want to make sure their privacy is protected. Not only will an indoor water fountain look great, but it will help to create a more soothing and consistent environment for your patrons.

Soft, Ambient Music

One of the most awkward and uncomfortable situations people encounter is having to be in a quiet space with strangers. People begin to feel self-conscious about every cough, movement, and sound they make. The perfect way to diffuse this tense energy is with a playlist of low, non-distracting music. The music doesn’t have to be prominent, just loud enough to keep the energy alive and flowing. When you’re choosing your music, consider your customer base. In some places, jazz instrumentals will be more appropriate, while in others, a more modern style of music may be desired.

Your customer’s experience begins as soon as they walk through the front doors of your business. Be sure that their time spent with you is acceptable from beginning to end. The last a business owner wants is for their customer’s experience to be ruined by a bad first impression. If you have to make you customers wait, be sure that their waiting experience is the best it can be. With the addition of a few plants, an indoor water fountain, and a low-volume playlist, your customers will feel welcome and relaxed.

The Various Styles of Indoor Fountains

Have you been looking for the right way to make the most of your indoor setting? Installing a water feature in your home is a simple way to make a noticeable improvement. The presence of a steady flow of water in an artistic form is inspiring, calming, and therapeutic. With all of the options that are present in the realm of indoor water features, it can be hard to decide just which type of water feature is appropriate for you. When considering your purchase, consider three main possible location options: the wall, the floor, or the table.

Wall Fountains

If you are looking to transform the style and feeling of a room in your home, it is definitely worth considering purchasing a wall fountain. Water walls are popular choices for interior decorating, and for good reason. With their many styles and sizes, they can accent a room or create a major scene. A small water wall can hang near a bed to help with sleep and relaxation, while one of the more grand options can take up an entire wall in your house, creating a truly magnificent visual. Wall fountains require the most installation of all the indoor options, but they are well worth the labor.

Floor Options

One of the more overlooked and underrated options for decorating your home or office is the floor fountain. These versatile pieces are the perfect option if you’re trying to decorate a space that has no room on the walls or tables. They serve as perfect accent pieces in your foyer, dining room, or even your bedroom. They aren’t the best option for small rooms, but they are a great way to make a large room more welcoming and comfortable. You can use them as sculptures to add to the artistic energy in your home, and as tools for relaxation and concentration.

Tabletop Fountains

A final option for placement comes in the form of tabletop fountains. These small, unique pieces offer plenty of possibilities to those who have no room on their walls and would like to conserve floor space. They are a great tool for decorating the spaces where you entertain guests and enjoy family time. You can use one as a perfect centerpiece for a table in your living room, providing aesthetic appeal and conversational inspiration.

There are a wide array of options when it comes to adding a water feature to your home or other indoor environment. Even when you narrow it down, the choices can seem to keep appearing. Choose the room you would like to enhance with a water feature and go from there. Decide what type of mood or look you are searching for, and choose the best feature to accomplish those goals. The perfect fountain for you is out there!