Waterfall Lighting Makes Evening Get-Togethers More Special and Elegant

Waterfall Lighting Makes Evening Get-Togethers More Special and Elegant

Surprise and delight your guests with colorful lighting effects on your pool’s waterfall feature which brings a playful, festive, and dazzling element to the party. Waterfall lighting makes evening get-togethers more special with the addition of lights extend the usefulness and life of your pool area so it can be enjoyed all year round and into the evening as well. Read How to Host the Perfect Garden Party of Barbeque for tips on throwing a memorable event.

Waterfall Lighting Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

The soothing sounds of flowing water combined with pleasant lighting effects promote tranquility and de-stressing. Reduced stress lowers blood pressure and improves your mental state. With pretty lights and calming water sounds, you have your very own therapeutic oasis to enjoy.

Why You Should Add Lighting to Your Pool’s Waterfall Feature

You made the smart decision to add a waterfall feature to your pool for the many benefits it provides, such as quelling noisy traffic and neighborhood sounds while promoting relaxation and tranquility, so go ahead and make it your pool’s star attraction by illuminating your waterfall with lights! This simple and cost-effective addition will make your pool sparkle and shine by creating a glittering display of colorful lights dancing across the water. Plus, there are other advantages to adding lighting to your waterfall feature listed below.


Waterfall Lighting Creates a Whole New Look and Ambience to Your Pool Area 

Light reflecting and shimmering on the surface of water is mesmerizing, beautiful, and mood-lifting! It almost seems magical as the dancing lights add depth and mystery to your pool and add drama and excitement as they light up the water cascading from the waterfall. Your entire pool area is instantly enhanced and embellished with the addition of these lights creating a lovely and enchanting ambience.

Prepping Your Home for Hurricane Weather

If you live in a hurricane-prone area (Florida, Texas, Louisiana, the Carolinas just to name a few), you know how important it is to have a hurricane preparedness kit. Hurricanes can severely damage property, including landscaping decor, outdoor furniture, statuary fountains, pool accessories and more.


Typically, the best time to prepare for a hurricane is before the threat is imminent. By preparing early you can reduce property damage and get through the emergency with less stress during the event. If you waited until the hurricane watch is issued, be sure to take extra caution while you get ready for the impending storm.


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Clear the way: 

If it can fly, it needs to be tied.
Loose objects can become dangerous during hurricane-force winds.

Look around the yard, lanai, patio and porch.
Any lawn furniture, garden art, bins, toys, fire pits, statues, etc. need to be taken inside, secured to the ground,

Ensure that chemicals are safely put away. Insecticides, cleaning chemicals, pool care supplies, and anything else that is corrosive or potentially harmful should be secured in a place where the fumes will not harm any humans or animals.


Yard Clean-Up: 

Trees are especially vulnerable in times of inclement weather. If your trees are still young, they are even more at risk.

Because of this, if you have recently planted trees, make sure they are ready (stakes driven deep in the ground, ensuring ties are strong and secure).
If it’s been a few years since your trees were staked, consider putting the stakes back in for the impending weather.

If you have a garden, harvest what you can before the storm. Any produce left over will likely be damaged due to high winds. Anything that has sat in water in inedible. Flowers and other aesthetic plants can be brought inside for extra protection.


Prepare Your Pond: 

Do you have a pond with fragile plants?
Potted plants can be submerged in the pond until it passes

If you have valuable/sentimental fish, you may want to consider bringing them in due to flooding. Fish can be temporarily stored in a bucket of pond water.

Turn off all water features in the pond, ensuring all electronics are unplugged and put away.


Fountain Protection: 

If you own a fountain with multiple tiers, remove the top/middle bowl to ensure there is not a chance it will topple over in the high winds.

Other water features should be secured as well. If you have engineered rocks, waterfalls, statuary fountains, etc. those can become dangerous in the event of inclement weather.

Above all, be safe and communicative!

Fountains throughout the ages: how did they work?

Ancient civilizations had been constructing grandiose fountains before electricity was discovered and utilized. In that case, you may wonder, “how did these fountains work?”

The Romans

A memorable scene from Terry Gilliam’s ‘Life of Brian’ illustrates the impact the Romans had on science and human civilization. The film is set in Jesus’s time, and in this particular scene the Jewish liberation front gathers and considers ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ After an antagonizing back and forth between the stern rebel leader and one of his wide eyed followers, it becomes evident that the Romans invented some of the most powerful inventions, began social programs and created an overall thriving civilization. At least with hindsight that is.

One of the specific inventions this scene addresses is the aqueducts. The aqueducts relied on gravity alone to provide sufficient plumbing for the empire. Aqueducts worked by gathering water from sources at high altitudes which could then be funneled down in precise ways to provide for all the needed outlets. The Romans had the technology to really harness this water flow and use it where they needed it when they needed it.

How could fountains reach elevated heights? To make a fountain more than a well or man-made stream, it requires the spectacular water works that we imagine on a modern water feature. The gravity pressured aqueducts could produce high reaching water works, in the same way that a modern water tower works. The physics behind it is simple. The height at which the water is held compounds. For each foot of height the water is held at, the potential water pressure increases. That is how fountains in ancient Roman operated.

The Role of fountains in Rome

Rome needless to say was an expansive and thriving empire until the fall. Because of that, emperors would show their power and fortune by commissioning large scale public water fountains. Unlike today, average citizens would not have water fountains in their homes. However, everyone could come to the fountains to spectate and well as take the water. The water was publically owned and distributed from these gorgeous fountains.

Fountains, a long tradition

The story of fountains is quite impressive. Fountains have been with humans for a very long time, certainly longer than electricity and modern devices. In that sense, when you get a water feature for your home, garden, office or commercial area, you are participating in this art tradition. Just as civilizations showed their prosperity through grandiose water fountains, you too have the luxury to adorn your space with this art piece as a sign of abundance and vitality.

The metaphysical properties of Granite

You don’t have to be a geologist or psychic medium to understand that cultures throughout history have regarded stones are precious objects. You might conventionally think of impressive stones as the ones that are in expensive jewelry. These stones are regarded as rare, beautiful and containing a certainly level of purity. However, the diamond has only been in vogue for less than a hundred years, and this is due to PR alone ultimately.

To understand how highly cultures have regarded stones, it is best to look at holy structures that have been made. The stones at Stonehenge were gathered from hundreds of miles away, even those the area has perfectly fine stones indigenous to that region. Why would they put in such effort to get that particular stone? Also, did you know that the Great Pyramid of Giza is made of limestone, but the innermost King’s Chamber is formed with granite?

Theories position granite as a very special stone. Here are some noteworthy facts and ideas surrounding granite.

Cultural regard of Granite

Many people believe that cemeteries are breeding grounds for astral activity, not because they house corpses but because of the large quantity of granite. If you are not of the opinion that Grandpa Billy’s ethereal body is hovering over his own corpse, than this theory might appeal to you.

Cultures that have highly regarded granite are the Aboriginals, Mayans and Ancient Egyptians.

As stated above, the Egyptians had access to the Aswan granite, which is partly from by the Nile. Theories suggest that the life giving source that is the Nile River receives spiritual properties from the Aswan granite.

Physical properties of Granite

Granite is comprised of quartz and other lesser known minerals. Granite is formed from magma and is the most common and familiar indigenous rock. Granite is also mildly radioactive.

What are the effects of granite

Granite is believed to help your health, energy and overall situation. Granite is associated with strength and can be worn as a talisman to strength your hair, muscles and bones.

Granite is associated with abundance and protection. I recommend putting a piece of it on top of your door to ward over threatening forces.

Also, granite is believed to have balancing effects. Oceanic granite has the properties of both earth and water, so the neutral, balance nature is appropriate for calming yourself and having easy going relationships.

The ultimate metaphysical effects are hard to quantify. Perhaps only certain groups of intuitive people can understand the impact of the stone.

Design the Perfect Study

Do you have a home office where you spend hours and hours of your time hard at work, or a study where you enjoy relaxing with some of your favorite literature? Your surroundings play a large part in the efficiency of your work and studying. If you have control of these surroundings, make the most of them. When it comes to the general interior design of your study, be sure that this space benefits your work and concentration. You can create the perfect setting with proper lighting, greenery, and indoor fountains.


One of the main ways you can ensure a environment for concentration is by installing the proper lighting. Have multiple sources of light, and access to a window if you have the option. Many people spend their time inside all day with improper lighting and feel drained without even walking ten feet. Avoid this, and create a more vibrant setting. If you can, avoid traditional incandescent lightbulbs, and opt for compact fluorescent bulbs. They provide a different quality of light that is more similar to sunlight and proven to increase concentration.


Something that can be easily overlooked by a business person is the use of plants and greenery to enhance your workspace and work quality. There are several small plants that are great for indoor growth and desk placement. You can even opt for something small to sit in your window, or a window box to sit right outside with a beautiful display of life. There are studies that have found a correlation between the presence of a desk plant and increased levels of concentration. A small change like this can lead to a much larger improvement.

Indoor Fountains

One of the best ways to create a calm and serene environment for your study or home office is by installing a fountain inside. There are many types of indoor options. Wall mounted and free standing water fountains are a great way of decorating with a purpose. You can even opt for a small desk fountain. These fountains will create a steady flowing sound that is much more beneficial than many people realize. It isn’t just the water sounds that help, but the steady white noise created from these sounds is proven to improve relaxation and concentration.

If you spend a vast majority of your time at home in your office or study, be sure that the space is designed to help your work flow smoothly. Create a scene that facilitates your work and studying. Set the scene with proper lighting, enhance the feeling with appropriate greenery, and complete the feeling the installation of an indoor fountain. Your work experience will be be tremendously improved.


The Five Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of affecting change in your life based on purposeful use of space. Unless you have specific goals to address, such as adding more yin energy or instilling energies of wealth, then you will seek to create balance. Balance in Feng Shui means that energy is following smoothly through your space and is comprised of both yin and yang forces. It also means there is a balance of the five elements: wood, earth, fire, metal and water.


How to incorporate it: Wood can be introduced with wood furniture or shelving. Bare wood will add even more to your surroundings. Plants and tree branches will add to your space. Even greens and browns will add to this element, as they represent growth and groundedness respectively.

What it represents: growth, organic changes and natural vitality.


How to incorporate it: Adding stones to your living space is the easiest way to incorporate this element. Stones can obviously be individual gems and rocks you have collected. However, stones can also come in the form of planters, pottery and sculptures. Water Feature Pros sells stone planters, benches and fountains for your living area.

What it represents: Nourishment and sound stability.


How to incorporate it: Adding candles will give your space the fire element it needs. Simple tea lights placed in ceramic holders will do the trick. Or you can go big with a fireplace or fire fixture. If you have children or cats, you might not want to have open flames in your house. Circumvent that issue by adding firey colors such as fire, yellow, and orange.

What it represents: Passion, creativity and energetic tendencies.


How to incorporate it: Going to any antique store will lead you straight to plenty of metal decorations. These might be vases, sculptures or mirrors. Ornate metallic jewelry that you might not ever wear could be a great wall decoration. Relevant colors are white, gray and ,of course, metallic finishes.

What it represents: Austerity in the form of independence, strength and composure.


How to incorporate it: We will suggest a water feature, either a water panel or fountain. These features add the flowing water element and the stone earth element together. Pick a fountain that is right for your space. Even small condos or apartments can benefit from a table top water fountain. Water also adds negative ions to the air and really purifies the energy in your space. If you cannot add water to your space, the colors blue and black are representative of the water element.

What it represents: Abundance and prosperity. In fact many emperors and monarchs commissioned large scale fountains to show off their power and wealth.

Are you excited to add these elements into your living space? Leave a comment with your final thoughts on how you will add the elements to your home.