Decor Tips for Your Lobby or Waiting Room Area

The lobby of your medical, office or spa setting is your company’s first intimate impression on most of your customers. In that setting you want to make sure the customer is both comfortable and aware of the integrity of your brand. This balance can be best accomplished with well thought out lobby décor. We encourage you to focus on modern styling, because it will be professional and welcoming.

What to avoid:

Household furniture

There are many pitfalls of a lobby area that are quite common. In an attempt to seem cozy and welcoming, the furniture might look like something you would have in your own house. We discourage ‘cozy’ furniture and promote sleek leather loveseats and chairs.

Out of date decor

Another sore sight in lobby areas is out of date decoration. Cute figurines, cheap plaques, old photos and impression prints should be tossed to the side.


We encourage minimalism in your lobby. Eclectic designs are hip, comfortable and creative. However, this style is not appropriate for professional offices and sophisticated spas and clinics. To maintain a modern feel, keep your number of furniture, wall fixtures and tables to a minimum.

What to add

While we stress minimalism, we want to give you some options for making your lobby more than an empty waiting space.

Indoor water features

Indoor water features, especially the water panel, provide a modern piece and soothing sounds for your customers. Water panels are stone or mirror slates that can be mounted on a wall or are free standing. Water continuously falls down the slate and adds a natural element to your lobby. You can even reiterate your brand by imprinting your logo on the mirror slate.

Add modern artworks

Impressionism works and inspiration posters will not fly in your new modern space. You only need one or two prominent pieces, but where can you find appropriate art. Purchasing prints of famous modern artists will work. However, the best option to go to your local downtown gallery and purchase a piece or see if you can commission an art. Support your living and local artists.

Striking colors

Color schemes are the culprit to most sterile feeling waiting rooms. We discourage the following: white, pastels, paneling. A deep taupe is our preferred alternative to an off white. We also like the following: Kelly green, burgundy, and burnt orange.

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