Deisgn a Nature-Inspired Interior with Wall Fountains

Are you a person who loves experiencing the elements of nature. Do you spend some of your free time taking hikes to experience the exhilaration of the fresh air, flowing rivers, and and gentle streams? Spending too much time indoors can begin to take a toll on the more natural aspect of your personality. The one space you have the most control is your own home. For those days when you would rather be out in taking long walks, create a scene in your home that is reminiscent of those natural elements you love so much. Utilizing potted plants, clearing your window space, and installing an indoor fountain are all great ways of easing that caged-in feeling.

Indoor Greenery

One of the best things you can do to improve the feeling of an indoor space and evoke that natural outdoor sense is by adding potted plants to your décor. The plants will immediately remind you of being out in the elements. The colors and shapes will crete a brand new look in your home, and the natural scents and aromas will alleviate the need for using air fresheners; your house will smell like the fresh outdoors. If you can, choose plants that remind you of some of your favorite outdoor places. If you are a busy person, but still would like some greenery in your space, opt for plants that are a bit more independent. There are several types of plants that require less watering and attention. A little bit of life can make all the difference.

Free Your Window Space

The plants and flowers in your home aren’t only things that can reap the benefits of a window’s natural light. Take full advantage of your window area. A common mistake that people make with interior design is blocking their windows. Placing furniture in front of your windows can turn out to be a big mistake. You may also want to consider options other than mini blinds and shades. If you want to take full advantage of the natural sunlight, consider using sheer fabric instead of thick, heavy material for curtains. The light and air will flow much more freely.

Indoor Fountains

Allowing the light and air in isn’t the only way to experience a natural flow in your home. One of the worst things about spending time indoors is the lack of flowing water. A long day inside can leave you longing for a relaxing evening next to a steady stream. Installing an indoor fountain, like a water wall, is the perfect way to create that effect in your own home. The steady sounds will calm and relax you, and provide white noise, which helps people concentrate and sleep. Making this choice is one of the most effective way of bring the outdoors in your own home.

Life indoors doesn’t have to be miserable. When the weather keeps you in, or you have indoor tasks to accomplish, you can still feel the effects of the great outdoors. Greenery, access to windows, and a well-placed water feature can transport you to your own indoor oasis.

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