Enhance Your Workday with a Desk Fountain

Sitting at your desk all day can sometimes feel draining and monotonous. Staring at the computer screen can make you forget all about the beautiful world that is out there. Bring a little bit of that beautiful world into your workspace with a small tabletop fountain for your desk. Having your own little fountain can help with concentration, reduce stress, and improve air quality. You can improve the daily grind with a simple touch.


When you’re hard at work, your efficiency and productivity are two very important factors of your success. With a small tabletop fountain for your desk, you can create an atmosphere that is relaxing, allowing your mind to work at maximum efficiency. White noise has been known to help people focus and work faster. The steady flowing sounds will be a perfect natural contrast to the rigid, electronic world in which you work.


The white noise that is produced by those steady sounds has also been known to help reduce stress levels and anxiety. At work, you can find yourself in some of the most stressful and frustrating situations. Taking small, conscious efforts to combat that stress is something you must do, and having a desk fountain can help you more than you know. The sounds are soothing, therapeutic, and relaxing. When work becomes to feel overwhelming, you can take a deep breath and listen to the sounds of your desk fountain.

Air Quality

With a fountain for your desk, those relieving deep breaths will feel even more refreshing. The quality of your air is something that affects you, no matter where you are. With work being a place where you spend a large portion of your time, you should be proactive about making those conditions healthy for you. An indoor fountain helps with air humidity during the dry, brutal winter months, and also serves as an air purifier, removing dirt and debris from the air.

Your job is like another home, and it should be a comfortable and healthy environment. Adding a small tabletop fountain to your desk or workspace is a great way to improve your daily life. With its benefits with concentration, stress, and air quality, you’ll wonder why you never had a desk fountain before!

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