Finding the Fountain that Fits

Is it time for some redecorating? Is the interior designer in you itching for a brand new project? When it comes to creating the scene inside your home, adding a water feature can be a great touch. Available in a wide array of styles and designs, the possibilities for decorating with water are virtually limitless. With all of these choices, be sure to find the feature that complements the look of your home the best. When you are decorating, be aware of three main elements of design: color, texture, and size.


One of the most striking elements you will want to be aware of is color. If you are decorating a contemporary styled room with modern features and bright colors, a rustic, natural looking water wall won’t flow well with the other pieces in the room. Alternatively, if you are wanting to accent a room that features neutral colors and classic elements, a sleek rain feature with colored LEDs might stick out like a sore thumb. Be sure to have a color scheme for you entire room.


When choosing a water feature, an element that is often overlooked is texture. Though it isn’t as immediately noticeable as color, texture can make a big difference in the look of your scene. When choosing texture, it’s all about complementing the whole. A wall fountain with a natural rock texture is the perfect way to accent a classic family or dining room. A more smooth and elegant design may be preferred if your setting lends itself to a more modern style.


In the decorating process, size is a big deal. It can make all the difference on how effective your decorative choices really are. When you are decorating a large room, be sure to avoid using many small pieces. Large spaces are best suited for large water walls, and floor fountains. When it comes to small rooms, tabletop and small wall features are best. You don’t want your fountain to use valuable floor space.

Don’t be the cause of any decorative disasters. When you are choosing which fountain is right for you, think of the room you are decorating and find the piece that complements it. Keep color, texture, and size in mind, and you should have no problem hitting the mark.

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