How to Add Color and Decoration to Your Front Porch

Front lawns are often neglected even though they are the first impression of your house and your lifestyle. Other than keeping your grass cut, there are little additions that people make to their front lawn. Water Feature Pros has some ideas for pieces and vegetation that would add a lot of life to this outdoor area.

Festive decorations

We love holidays and how they give us a great reason to spruce up our outdoor living spaces. Christmas comes with wreaths for your front door, lights around the house and a festive welcome mat. Halloween is our favorite holiday, and plastic electric Jack-o-lanterns or skeletons add a lot of character to your porch.

Showcase Flags

Putting up a simple flag pole allows you to hang some great looking flags on your porch. We love celebrating holidays, so festive flags are great. Also, you can make your own flag with whatever decoration suits you.

Install a porch swing

Kids love swings and so do we. A swing encourages you and your family to take a reprieve from the TV and computer in your house and instead swing on your porch. Some swings are sturdier that others, so make sure your kids know they need to swing gently.

Outdoor fountain

Outdoor fountains are great on your front porch, right next to your flower bed or standing alone. Fountains also look great along a path, so if you want to frame your fountain while letting it stand in the middle of your lawn choose a spot along the path to your front door.

Add a flower or rock bed

The area where your lawn meets your porch should have some decoration. Vegetation is a great idea, but tress are a bit too risky. Forming a flower bed or even a rock bed will add some decoration to your space. If you have bushes in this area, simply adding some rocks or flowers with tiling will help encase the area in a beautiful manner.

Call Water Feature Pros if you think a fountain or planters could improve the quality of your front lawn.


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