How to Choose the Right Fountain Size

When you are perusing our online catalog for the perfect fountain there are many aspects you need to consider. What is your budget for this piece? What style are you interested in purchasing? What finish would you like? How much maintenance will this piece require? How tall and wide would you like the piece?

All of these factors are contingent on the surrounding space. What shapes and colors will suit the intended area? How much space can you delegate for the fountain within the designated area? Here are some suggestions on gauging exactly how tall wide and deep your fountain should be. These methods work to simulate objects within your space and adjust the sizes accordingly to gauge what size is the best fit.

Take a picture

By taking a picture of your space you how have a flat landscape that you can work with. With a picture that captures the empty space and nearby plants or other fixtures, you can cut out paper shapes to play with. Make different shapes and sizes of cute paper. Cut pieces that are tall and thin, short and wide and all other varying dimensions. Use these spaces to juxtapose on the picture. Which one looks best? Once you decide on the general shape you are trying to fill you would need to calculate the real life dimensions of the piece. Use plants or other fixtures in the photo to scale the actual size. While this might seem tedious, it’s a great way to figure everything out on your desk.

Use placeholders

If the above method seems too virtual for you, then we suggest using placeholders within your actual space to gauge the best fit. Placeholders would be house hold objects you have that you can place in the desired location and gauge it that object is taking up a fair amount of space in your yard. Objects we recommend to use are lawn furniture, ladders and cardboard boxes. Anything that you feel comfortable moving outdoors should work.

Place the object and ask yourself questions about the dimensions. Is the object too tall or short, wide or thin, deep or shallow? Certain objects are stagnant while others will let you work with them to better gauge the space. For instance, any rope or even a hoe can be used to create a circle on the ground. With the cord you can make the circle smaller or larger. With a ladder, you may not be able to adjust the shape of it, but you can gauge according to the rungs where your eyes focus. If your eyes direct towards the second to top rung then measure according to that height.

These suggestions should help you gauge what an actual large scale object will look like in your space.

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