How to Make Your Garden Shine this Spring

The changing of the seasons, particularly from Winter to Spring, marks a special time for us at Water Feature Pros and probably yourself too. Winters can be unbearable in certain parts of the country, we understand. Spring is a great reprieve for everyone, and when it finally comes there is much work and play to be had. We gear up to sell fountains and install ponds, while you might be doing some serious housekeeping or tending to your backyard and front lawn.

Working on a garden is a huge task for both first timers and longtime enthusiasts. We have some suggestions on how to make your garden this Spring more updated and refined than previous years.

Consider what plants you have

Plants require a lot of maintenance. Some are fickle and others aren’t, and the best protocol is to consider what plants you are interested in and research how well they will behave. You should consider the following factors: Does the plant require much light or will it easily fry in the sun? How much water does it need and will it drown easily? How much space does it need and does it harm/ is it harmed by nearby plants?

Once you have a clear idea of that, you need to look at the two most important factors that affect the health these plants. Consider if your environment is conducive to the needs of the plant, and consider what practices you have to implement to best take care of those specific plants. After you consider these factors and feel confident about certain plants for your garden, then you will be set.

Add garden accessories

This is the less stressful task of the job. In fact, having these accessories will turn your homegrown DIY garden space into a luxury space. Take a break from the garden work with these outdoor furniture and art piece suggestions.

Lawn furniture make space for you to relax in your backyard. These can come as stone benches, rocking chairs, swings, patio furniture and pop up longue chairs.

Lighting will let you enjoy your outdoor area at all hours of the day. Plus, lighting is simply beautiful against the muted darkest of a summer night.

Privacy is also an important factor to maintain. Large plants or a privacy fence will take care of that.

We naturally recommend a water feature, because it adds more natural elements to your outdoor space. The fountain adds a water element, a stone art piece, and some soothing sounds.

You will want to maneuver your outdoor space in whatever way best suits you. That might be barefoot in tall grass, or that might be with a winding path. For something in between, stepping stones will add a rustic feel, another element, and a pathway for you and yours.

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