How to Redecorate Your Patio Space

Patio spaces come in many different variations. Some patios comprise a small quarter of a large rustic lawn. Others are alongside a downtown street or on a rooftop. In either case, we understand that a patio is meant for outdoor entertainment, in whatever environment you find yourself in.

We at Water Feature Pros have some recommendations to make your patio space an exceptional place to be. Here are the steps to redoing your patio space.

Have a theme and stick to it

A single overarching theme is the simplest way to focus your ideas and efforts. A theme of sorts will really polish the overall tone of the area. While adding nice furniture will make guests comfortable, a single idea governing the decoration will make the space more than just comfortable. It will have a certain style that others will consciously or unconscious pick up on. And when guests go home or indoors they will remember a particular feeling of your patio space because of that style.

Themes do not need to be kitschy or obvious, written in red ink. While an East Asian or American Western style will give you plenty of obvious décor options, subtle themes work too. Examples might be ‘playful yet mature’, where you highlight bright colors but use contemporary shapes. Or maybe ‘rustic sepia’, where no white or blacks are allowed, only browns and stones with rounded or distressed textures. Make up your own!

Have a center piece

The center piece needs to fit into your theme and into your space. But what can actually act as a center piece? Here are some ideas. An outdoor fountain would be prefect. Fountains use multiple elements such as stone and water, they are well constructed art pieces, make subtle interesting sounds and they have an interactive quality because of the flowing water. The best part about fountains is that there are so many to choose from. You can have a small or large fountain, classical or contemporary. You will have no troubles finding a piece that suits your space and themed inspiration. Peruse our online catalog and search by the categories that would best suit your needs.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is essential, you probably already have a full set too. However, an old set will probably not work for a new patio. Here are some things to consider when buying patio furniture. The style should obviously match your theme. The easiest way to kill your new patio is by buying furniture that might have the right color scheme but is made of a weird material. Iron patio furniture is a very versatile what to go, but if you have a playful centerpiece or a modern theme, then the cast iron will seem out of date comparatively. Explore your options thoroughly before settling on a furniture set. If everything else is in place, when you see a full furniture set that will compliment your space, it should be obvious. Don’t settle for less.

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