Storm Water Treatment

Aeration to Keep Your Retention Water Clean

stormwater aeration

Aeration is critical to maintaining water quality parameters in storm water retention ponds.  Supplemental aeration will improve the biological and chemical processes needed to successfully break down organic compounds and pollutants that collect in storm water catch basins.  Aeration will improve and speed the natural processes of aerobic decomposition of organic matter reducing sludge build-up and harmful gasses. The aerobic process will help reduce foul odors and prevent issues from fecal coliform and other contaminants.

Aeration and circulation will also break surface tension, resulting in less pond film; meaning an inhospitable area for mosquito reproduction – especially important with the Zika Virus introduction into North America! Algae growth may also be decreased by the elimination of stagnant water areas. This all leads to a cleaner, more productive storm water retention pond for warm months. In winter months, use of a de-icer will benefit retention ponds by opening water to allow for the release of oxygen depleting gases. This will help to keep water moving and continuously circulating all year long.

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