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healthy water treatment

Water Feature Pros has a range of products and experience to help you optimize the performance of your waste water and water treatment ponds. Aeration will improve dissolved oxygen levels in your ponds helping to maintain water quality parameters and meet the biological and chemical oxygen demands of your system. 

Proper aeration will help with sludge reduction, ammonia and methane degassing, and CO2 stripping of treated water. Aeration will also improve oxidation and clarify water in settling and discharge ponds which will help meet effluent compliance standards. Aeration can help maintain chlorination levels as well as speed up de-chlorination processes before discharge. Evaporation rates can be increased and evaporative cooling can be improved.

Built with salt water compatible stainless steel and thermoplastic components and designed for heavy-duty applications, our aeration products will withstand the harsh treatment environments at your plant or facility.

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