Maintain & Protect Your Marina

Marina aeration

Water Feature Pros offers a range of products for marinas including de-icers, circulators/mixers, and aeration systems. Use De-Icers to protect pilings, boat lifts, gas piers, access ramps, boat ramps, and slips from ice damage. De-Icers can also be used to allow year-round in-water boat storage in any climate.

Aeration and Water Circulation products will improve the health of your marina water and help you stay in compliance with certain EPA and Clean Marina water quality standards. Aeration is proven to reduce or eliminate foul water odors and increase natural decomposition of organic matter and pollutants, improving the habitat for fish and other aquatic life. Circulation will eliminate stagnant water areas around boats, docks, and dead-end canal areas, which will reduce mosquito breeding areas and discourage floating plants such as algae. Our Circulators can also direct water flow so floating trash and debris is funneled to one location making for quick and easy removal.

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