Prepping Your Home for Hurricane Weather

If you live in a hurricane-prone area (Florida, Texas, Louisiana, the Carolinas just to name a few), you know how important it is to have a hurricane preparedness kit. Hurricanes can severely damage property, including landscaping decor, outdoor furniture, statuary fountains, pool accessories and more.


Typically, the best time to prepare for a hurricane is before the threat is imminent. By preparing early you can reduce property damage and get through the emergency with less stress during the event. If you waited until the hurricane watch is issued, be sure to take extra caution while you get ready for the impending storm.


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Clear the way: 

If it can fly, it needs to be tied.
Loose objects can become dangerous during hurricane-force winds.

Look around the yard, lanai, patio and porch.
Any lawn furniture, garden art, bins, toys, fire pits, statues, etc. need to be taken inside, secured to the ground,

Ensure that chemicals are safely put away. Insecticides, cleaning chemicals, pool care supplies, and anything else that is corrosive or potentially harmful should be secured in a place where the fumes will not harm any humans or animals.


Yard Clean-Up: 

Trees are especially vulnerable in times of inclement weather. If your trees are still young, they are even more at risk.

Because of this, if you have recently planted trees, make sure they are ready (stakes driven deep in the ground, ensuring ties are strong and secure).
If it’s been a few years since your trees were staked, consider putting the stakes back in for the impending weather.

If you have a garden, harvest what you can before the storm. Any produce left over will likely be damaged due to high winds. Anything that has sat in water in inedible. Flowers and other aesthetic plants can be brought inside for extra protection.


Prepare Your Pond: 

Do you have a pond with fragile plants?
Potted plants can be submerged in the pond until it passes

If you have valuable/sentimental fish, you may want to consider bringing them in due to flooding. Fish can be temporarily stored in a bucket of pond water.

Turn off all water features in the pond, ensuring all electronics are unplugged and put away.


Fountain Protection: 

If you own a fountain with multiple tiers, remove the top/middle bowl to ensure there is not a chance it will topple over in the high winds.

Other water features should be secured as well. If you have engineered rocks, waterfalls, statuary fountains, etc. those can become dangerous in the event of inclement weather.

Above all, be safe and communicative!

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