If you want a special touch to add to your space, look no further than the modern outdoor fountains brought to you by Gist. Their unique outdoor fountains are sure to turn heads. Many of their designs are new and exciting, reminiscent of older styles, but always reinventing the look. These contemporary outdoor fountains create a brand new look, and evoke a new, soothing feeling. They serve as great centerpieces and patio fountains.

  • Gist Vortex Fountain with Ball-G-VRTX-B18 FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Double Oblique Fountain with Ball-OBDF-B18 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Double Oblique Fountain with Ball-OBDF-B18 In Stock

  • Gist Rubix Fountain with Riser

    Gist Rubix Fountain with Riser- G-RUBF-R FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Double Obtuse Fountain with Ball- G-OBTDF-B FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Lady Fountain-LDYF FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist I Fountain with Ball- G-IIIF-B FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Rocket Fountain- G-RCKT FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Small Buddha Head Fountain- G-BHEAD-FTN SM FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Mini I Fountain with Ball- G-IIIF-MINI-B12 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Large I Fountain- G-IIIF-LARGE FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Double Obtuse Fountain- G-OBTDF FREE SHIPPING!

  • I Fountain with Fire

    Gist I Fountain w/Fire- G-IIIF W/FIRE FREE SHIPPING!

  • Oblique Square Fire Table

    Gist Oblique Square Fire Table-GG-OSFT4818 FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Double Oblique Fountain w/Fire-G-OBDF-W/FIRE FREE SHIPPING!

  • Mini Vortex

    Gist Mini Vortex Fountain- G-VRTX-MINI FREE SHIPPING

  • Mini Vortex with Ball

    Gist Mini Vortex with Ball Fountain-G-VRTX-MINI-B12 FREE SHIPPING

  • Sanctuary 1

    Gist Sanctuary 1 G-SANC-1 FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Small Oblique Fountain-OBSF FREE SHIPPING

  • Vortex Fountain with Fire

    Gist Vortex Fountain with Fire G-VRTX-W/FIRE FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Small Oblique Fountain with Ball- G-OBSF-B18 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Twelve Side Fountain- G-TWLV FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Obtuse Fountain with Ball-OBTF-BALL FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Obtuse Fountain-OBTF FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Block Fountain-BLKF FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Ball and Ring Base Fountain- G-30F/BFBASE FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Ball and Wok Fountain- G-30F/WK-48 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Block Fountain with Ball-BLKF-BALL FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Double Oblique Contemporary Fountain G-OBDF FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Small Wok Fountain with Pedestal-SMWOK-PED FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Vortex Fountain- G-VRTX FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Rubix Fountain and Wok-RUBF FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist_Mini_Rubix_Fountain

    Gist Mini Rubix Fountain w/Wok & Riser-RUBF-MINI-R FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Mini Rubix Fountain with Wok-RUBF-MINI FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist_Ribbed_Monolith_Fountain

    Gist Ribbed Monolith Fountain-RMON FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Linear Fountain- G-LINF FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Large Oblique Fountain with Ball- G-OBLF-BL30 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Gist Large Oblique Fountain-OBLF FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Mini I Fountain-IIIF-MINI FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist I Fountain- G-IIIF FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Squared Fountain-OBTCF FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Buddha Head Fountain Large-BHEAD-FTN-LARGE FREE SHIPPING

  • Gist Buddha Fountain-BUDF FREE SHIPPING!