Lion bodies and heads decorate many of our outdoor water fountains. Garden fountains with lions promote ideas of strength, vitality and honor. By perusing our catalog, you can see many tiered fountains and wall fountains that use the lion face or body in different ways. Often times the mouth of the lion will act as a spout streaming water into the basin below. The lion bodies often act as pedestals for the structure.

  • Henri Studio Classic Lion Fountain 5875F FREE SHIPPING!

  • 60" Classic Lion Head Fountain

    Massarelli 60″ Classic Lion Head Fountain- 3561 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Henri Studio Large Three-Tier Leonesco Fountain 5215F7 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Henri Studio Lion Face Terrazzo Bella Fountain 5632f2 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Massarelli Milano Urn Lion Fountain 3488 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Fiore Medium Lion Fountain 257-FM FREE SHIPPING!

  • Lion Fountain, Extra Large w/Lion Ped & Bowl

    Fiore Lion Fountain, Extra Large w/Lion Ped & Bowl (Plumbed) 258-FLCP Call/Text for Shipping

  • Massarelli Lion Finial Garden Fountain- 3567 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Classical Finial Fountain in Grando Pool

    Henri Studio Classical Finial Fountain in Grando Pool 5768F7 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Outdoor Wide Greenman Planter

  • Fiore Lion Fountain with 55″ basin 257-FMB Call/Text for Shipping

  • Fiore Nerius Wall Fountain 2020-FW FREE SHIPPING!

  • Fiore Courtyard Lion fountain w/basin 257-FMQ Call/Text for Shipping

  • Fiore Classic Lion Wall Fountain 2062-FW FREE SHIPPING!

  • Henri Studio Europa Murabella Lion Fountain 5252FA FREE SHIPPING!

  • Fiore Small Courtyard Lion Fountain 257-FSQ FREE SHIPPING!

  • Fiore Small Lion Quatrefoil Wall Fountain 232-FWQ FREE SHIPPING!

  • Fiore Large Lion Fountain Plumbed 257-PL Call/Text for Shipping

  • Buckingham Three-tier Fountain

    Henri Studio Buckingham Three-tier Fountain 5040F4 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Fiore Extra Large Vesuvio Fountain w/Lion Pedestals 2080-FL Call/Text for Shipping

  • Massarelli One Tier Lion Finial Fountain- 3479 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Massarelli Grandessa Lion Fountain 3788 Call/Text for SHIPPING

  • Fiore Large Lion Quatrefoil Wall Fountain 230-FWQ FREE SHIPPING!

  • Massarelli Gabriel Lion Head Fountain 3584 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Fiore Classico Lion Fountain 662-LF FREE SHIPPING!

  • Campania Parisienne Two Tier Fountain FT-184. CALL/TEXT FOR DISCOUNTS

  • Outdoor Angel and Lion Marble Wall Fountain

  • Henri Studio Medium Two Tier Leonesco Fountain in Grando Basin 5215F6 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Granite Lion Fountain Gold-Beige Color

  • Henri Studio Medium Two Tier Leonesco Fountain in Valencia Basin 5215F10 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Henri Studio Three-Tier Leonesco Fountain In Toscana Basin 5215F17 FREE SHIPPING!

  • Campania Lion Wall Fountain FT-165. CALL FOR DISCOUNTS

  • Fiore Extra Large Lion Fountain 257-FXL Call/Text for Shipping

  • Fiore Large Lion Wall Fountain 230-FW FREE SHIPPING!

  • Fiore Extra Large Vesuvio Fountain w/Lion Pedestals (Plumbed) 2080-PL Call/Text for Shipping

  • Henri_Studio_Medallion_Fountain_5147f2

    Henri Studio Medallion Fountain 5147f2

  • Massarelli Roman Pinecone Finial Fountain 3496 – Free Shipping!

  • Fiore Large Lion Fountain 257-F Call/Text for Shipping

  • Fiore Extra Large Lion Fountain for Pond 257-FXLP Call/Text For Shipping

  • Henri Studio Shimmering Stones Fountain 5307F2