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How Indoor Fountains Use Ions to Benefit Your Health

Indoor water fountains have benefits other than their aesthetic appeal. For starters, fountains have a pleasing sound which relieves stress and aids better sleep. Did you know that an indoor water feature can do even more than that?

An interesting topic that you might not have connected to simple water features is the process of ionization and how it benefits your health.

Our air is comprised of positive and negative ions, and your body responds best to an atmosphere that is slightly more negatively charged. Appliances in your home act to undermine that ideal balance. As ions are negatively and positively charged electric particles, electric appliances and technology naturally have their effect on nearby ions. These devices promote an excess of positive ions. These ions cause lethargy in humans. That might make a lot of sense to you if you find your office job to be very tiring as you sit in front of a computer all day.

Indoor fountains can reverse those effects. Rushing water releases negative ions. Any water that splashes or moves releases these ions. In fact, all natural places with fresh air and organic features are full of negative ions. A water fountain really does simulate the great outdoors in your own home in this way.

Negative ions give you energy, instead of promoting lethargy and depression. When you breathe in a heavy dose of negative ions, your serotonin level rises. Serotonin is a natural chemical in your body that promotes a positive mood and an energy boost.

While being outdoors in unpolluted air is the best way to access a stream of negatively charged ions, an indoor fountain will thwart the imbalance that your technological devices are causing.

An indoor fountain or water panel will add to the ionic purity of whatever space you see fit. If you are in charge, put one in your office, that might be the place where you most need it. Or install one in your own home and reap the most benefits from your water feature.

Improve Air Quality with a Wall Foutnain

There are many reasons to choose to install a water fountain inside your home. They are beautiful and stylish additions to your interior design, they provide steady, soothing sounds, and they enhance the class and elegance of your home. Those are just a few of the many benefits that come along with indoor water features. While they are some of the main reasons people purchase indoor fountains, they are by no means the sum of the list. One important, and often overlooked, quality of indoor fountains is their ability to improve indoor air quality. Indoor fountains are capable of humidifying dry air, purifying air, and diffusing negative ions in the air.


Those dry winter months can be hard to endure. The air is already cold and dry, and while heaters obviously help with the temperature, they make the lack of humidity even worse. One of the best ways you can increase the humidity of your space is by installing an indoor fountain. Indoor fountains provide a constant source of flowing fresh water for the air in your home. It will evaporate into the air and create a much more tolerable environment. Just be sure to keep an eye on your water levels in these conditions. You may have to add water from time to time.

Air Purifying

People often overlook the cleanliness of the air in their homes. Unclean air can be the source of many negative effects, including allergies and airborne sicknesses. It’s very important to stay on top of the air quality in your home. A little known fact is that an indoor fountain is very capable of purifying the air in your home. Depending on the size of your indoor fountain, it has been proven that they are capable of removing as much dirt and debris from your air as a HEPA air purifier.

Negative Ions

Another commonly overlooked aspect of the air in your home is the lack of negative ions. Negative ions are produced mainly in nature and are proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and to regulate serotonin levels. These healthy negative ions are great for people, but are hard to come by indoors. Electrical devices and appliances are a common source for the positive ions that fill many homes. Combat these positive ions with the presence of an indoor water fountain. The constant flowing water will help to balance out the ions in your air.

Your new indoor fountain serves more benefits than you ever knew. Not only this new addition improve the style and class of your home, but it will serve much deeper and more valuable benefits. With the capabilities of humidifying air, purifying air, and providing negative ions, an indoor fountain is more than just a decorative piece.