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Building a Kitchen Garden

People garden for all types of reasons and in many different styles. One of the most beneficial types of gardens is the kitchen garden. What is a kitchen garden, you ask? Well, it is not a collection of plants that you grow inside your kitchen. A kitchen garden is actually a collection of herbs, vegetables, and fruits that you plan to use in your actual kitchen. They are a great way of saving trips to the grocery, eating healthy, and knowing the source of your food.  They are easily accomplished with a sturdy set of  stone planters to organize your different foods. To make the most of your kitchen garden, pay close attention to your plant selection and prepare to preserve a portion of your harvest.

Plant Selection


Growing herbs in your kitchen garden is one of the essentials. There are countless uses for various herbs, and you will be able to spice up any meal with their fresh flavors. You can choose from many plants and variations, including mint, chives, parsley, basil, and cilantro, just to name a few from a long list of delicious herbs. Chop them up for some of your favorite recipes, or dry them for the perfect topping or herbal tea blend.

Fruits and Vegetables

This is obviously where you’ll get the bulk of your bounty. When you are choosing which fruits and vegetables you would like to grow, consider what grows best in your climate, and what you will be able to eat plenty of. Different types of lettuce and greens grow very well, and are very versatile. Tomato plants grow in abundance, and it sometimes can be hard to keep up with all they produce. Other choices include, squashes, onions, and peas, which all go great in salads, casseroles, or stir-fry’s.


Oils and Vinegars

A great way of making use of your herbs is by preserving the flavors in oils and vinegars. There is only so much they you can eat fresh or have dried. There are several methods for infusing your herbs with oils and vinegars to preserve, some taking weeks to complete. You can use these delicious homemade creations in salad dressings, marinades, and much more.

Cans and Jars

The best way you can make use of all your vegetables is by learning how to can and pickle them. You can combine them with some of the herbs you’ve grown to make delicious creations that you’ll be able to enjoy and share with your friends and family. These techniques allow you to make the most of your garden, even when the winter comes around.

Your kitchen can be full of things that come from your own back yard. It doesn’t get much fresher and safer than that. And, there is nothing like enjoying the delicious taste of a plant that you helped to grow. Make the most of your home. With a collection of planters and a selection of plants, your pantry will be full by the end of the summer!