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Mitigate Unwanted Noise with an Indoor Water Feature

Water Feature Pros has a selection of water panels and some fountains that are suitable for indoor settings. These pieces will work wonders in home, office and commercial spaces.

Unwanted noise can be apparent in any of these spaces. Office environments have a stale atmosphere full of keystrokes, chatter and Xerox machines. Commercial spaces are either lively with the sounds of the public, which can be jarring, or create dead air when business is slow. Lastly, the noise we recommend mitigating is anything that comes from the bathroom.

To tackle the mentioned issues, you should first choose the location that is most appropriate for your water feature to disguise unwanted noise and look great. For your home bathroom, put a water feature in the home just outside of the bathroom. This might be a living room or a corridor. If the corridor is too small, consider putting it in the nearest living or dining area to the bathroom. That is where your family and guests will be, so it will really please.

In a commercial setting, there are distinct lines separating employee work areas and customer areas. For starters, at a restaurant this would include the dining area and the kitchen. In this situation you would want to mitigate the noise and chatter of the kitchen with an unobtrusive water feature just outside the kitchen door in the dining area. Makes sense right?

A medical, spa or any other lobby could all use some form of noise mitigation. A dentist office there are the sounds of drills and other instruments, along with chatter. The instrument sounds might make patients needlessly nervous, and the sound of chatter might be distracting for others. Place the water feature in the waiting room for the patients to marvel at and to distract them from any noises.

Lastly, an office area could use a noise reducing feature to keep everyone on task. Chatter in one part of the office can senselessly distract others throughout the whole floor. However, you do not want the fountain to roar loudly. By adjusting the water pressure of your feature you can gauge how much sound will best suit your environment.

What kind of water feature is appropriate for indoors? Certain fountains are suited for indoors. These fountains will not splash and are great for most ground settings. Also, we would love to recommend water panels. Water panels are either suspended or mounted slabs of stone or glass contained mirror which goes against the wall like a painting. The water streams down the top of the slab all the way to the bottom of it where it is caught by a long small reservoir.

We hope these suggestions will help you make the most of your space. Peruse out catalog for indoor fountains and water panels to see what piece speaks to you.


The Backstory to the Charming Manneken Pis Fountain

You might recognize the humorous fountain of a boy peeing. It is not merely a kitchy concoction by contemporary water feature designers. The famous fountain of the boy peeing is called the Manneken Pis which means “Little Man Pee” in Dutch. The bronze sculpture is located in Brussels, Belgium and was crafted in 1619. The current statue is situated near Brussels Town Hall and Grand Place.

There are multiple back-stories to the origin of this piece. One of the typical stories is that a wealthy merchant was visiting Brussels with his son. He had lost his son at the market and when the authorities found him he was peeing in public. The merchant then commissioned this piece to honor the city who took care of his mischievous son.

Another version is also silly but slightly heroic. This version states that the two-year-old Belgian Duke Godfrey III of Leuven, was only two years old when an invading army came to attack. The army put the young lord in a basket in a tree as the battle took place. He began to pee on the enemy, who ultimately did lose the battle.

Other back-stories exist, but they are mostly variations of these two themes.

The statue that exists today is a tourist attraction and is a living tradition for Brussels. The statue has been stolen multiple times throughout the years, with the most recent installation lasting from 1965.

Our favorite part of the Manneken Pis tradition is how people have dressed him over the years. He has worn almost 1,000 different suits. By visiting the official Manneken Pis website you can view the schedule of the statue’s ever changing costumes. Many of the previous costumes are now featured in the City Museum in the Grand Place. The costumes adorable, Manneken Pis has worn judo attire, vintage attire and dressed up as every profession you could think of.

This fountain is a pop culture icon that continues to charm guests. Manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon and even build replicas for mass consumption. Also, there are plenty of public replicas of the Manneken Pis, to honor the humorous Belgian tradition.

Leave a comment letting us know if you think Manneken Pis is a funny art piece or if it is a crude hunk of junk. Would you like to see the Manneken Pis? What would be a great costume for him to wear?

The Perfect Public Courtyard

A courtyard in a public plaza is like the watering hole of such a location. People gather and meet their like animals to socialize and enjoy the environment. The right courtyard setting is lively and energetic, giving the people a sense of rejuvenation and excitement. Are you in charge of developing the courtyard space for a shopping plaza, a school, or other municipal location? Designing the right public courtyard is an important undertaking. With focus on a few important details, you can be sure that the people love your space. Adding plants and greenery, proper seating, and a grand fountain as a centerpiece, will have your courtyard complete in no time.

Plants and Greenery

As previously stated, a proper courtyard is lively. A sense of fresh energy and life can be implemented into your space in a very simple way. With the addition of colorful flowers and thriving greenery, your courtyard will be filled with life and energy. Adding plant life to your courtyard space completely transforms the location from plain to lively. You can easily accomplish this with a collection of stone planters and urns. These will add a sense of class and elegance to your space while providing the perfect location for your plants.

Outdoor Seating

Your courtyard would not be able to be properly enjoyed with no seating. Be sure to provide plenty of space for your guests to relax and enjoy the scene. Conveniently placed benches are perfect for this type of space. It allows people to take a breather and take in the work that you put into their beautiful surroundings. If you have a larger space, especially one with food nearby, outdoor table sets would be the perfect addition. Your guests will be able to enjoy food, company, and conversation in the beauty of your newly designed courtyard.

Architectural Fountains

Complete your courtyard scene with a grand architectural fountain to bring together the entire scene. A stunning tiered fountain in the center of your courtyard will add a sense of class and elegance to your space. It also performs a very subtle, but extremely important, task: noise mitigation. The steady flowing sounds of the water splashing in the fountain creates a consistent sound that blends all of the surrounding sounds, so nothing stands out too much. This is great for making the people in the courtyard feel comfortable and giving their private conversations a bit of respect, all while enhancing the scene of your courtyard space.

Accent your business and municipal location with a gorgeous courtyard for your guests to enjoy. Create a peaceful and soothing space where they can go for light conversation and relaxation. With the addition of lively plant life, outdoor seating, and a grand architectural fountain, your public courtyard is sure to please.