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Bring Life to your Backyard

Think about the scene around your home. Do you look around your backyard to see nothing that inspires you? Is your property not much more than a simple plot of grass? Your space can, and should, be more than that. Your property should be a place where you can enjoy your time outdoors, set a beautiful scene, and cultivate life. There are a few main ways you can go about bringing a fresh new energy to your outdoor space. If you are looking for ways improve your yard, consider building a garden, installing an outdoor fountain, and enhancing your landscape and water with LED lighting.

Build a Garden

One of the best ways to bring that extra sense of life and energy to your yard is by building a garden outside your home. For many people, the healthiest thing to do, especially if you plan on growing vegetables, is to build a raised garden bed. A raised garden bed actually sits on top of the ground, filled with soil that you place in it yourself. This method relieves the burden of having to rely on the soil in your yard, and allows you to make the healthiest mix of soil for your plants. The process is pretty simple and inexpensive; there are several tutorials available online that can lead you in the right direction.

Install a Garden Fountain

Having the garden built in your yard will add new life and color to your space, but your landscape is not quite complete at this point. Take your garden space to the next level with the installation of a well-placed garden fountain. A beautiful stone fountain adds to your landscape in a number of ways. The visual alone will take your garden area to the next level. The steady flowing water sounds will help to mitigate unwanted noise and create an even more soothing and therapeutic environment.

Accent with LEDs

Once you have your new landscape design all planned out, it’s about time to start thinking about those finishing touches. One of the best ways you can accent the beauty and style of your landscape is to use LED lighting. You may be surprised at what a few small lights can do for a wall or a walkway. There is even waterproof lighting available for your fountains and ponds that will illuminate the water at night. There are a wide range of options, even color changing lights that you can set to fit any mood.

Don’t allow your backyard to just be another patch of green on the hill. Make it a point to truly make the most of your outdoor space. Tap into your artistic and creative side, and let your imagination flourish. Create a scene that is dynamic, colorful, and full of life. Add life and color with some of your favorite flowers, vegetables, and greenery, take it to the next level with a beautiful fountain, and accent it all with tastefully placed LED lights.

Choosing the Right Fountain for Your Garden

Your garden is a place that is full of beauty, life, and energy. One way that many people accentuate those features is by installing a garden fountain. There are a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, including wall fountains, tiered stone pieces, small tabletop units, and more. With the wide array of choices, it can be hard to decide on the right style for your personal space. A well-placed water feature can bring together the entire scene you’ve created, but the wrong choice can stick out and ruin the energy. There are many factors to consider, especially size, style, and material.


The size of your gardening space is probably the first thing you will want to consider. Do you have a small patio setup that may only allow for a small free-standing piece? Or maybe you have a large garden that can handle a grand, commanding centerpiece. When deciding on the size of your piece, be sure to choose something that complements your space. You want the fountain to accent the beauty and set the atmosphere. If you choose a fountain that is too large for your small space, it will be overwhelming. Alternatively, a piece that is too small for a large space will seem out of place. Avoid a setting that is awkward and distracting.


Cultivate a charming, comfortable setting. The style of fountain you choose plays a large role in creating that scene. If you have a large, classic garden, a tiered stone fountain could be a great choice. If there is a wall in your garden, there are also a wide range of wall mounted pieces that serve as a beautiful accent. For more contemporary styles, there are waterfalls and spillways that allow the water itself to serve as a work of art. Tabletop designs work for small settings that are accented with a stone table setting.


Before making a final decision, you should consider the material of your garden fountain, and your home’s climate. Fountains come in a wide range of materials, like stone, concrete, earthenware, glass, and more. Be sure that the piece you choose can handle the weather that your landscape will endure. Some materials need extra care or protection from winter weather. Once, you have chosen the style and material, be sure to look into taking care of your chosen material. There are several techniques and products available to maintain and preserve the various materials there are.

Your garden can be taken to the next level with one main addition. A perfectly placed water feature accents the visual, and creates an atmosphere that is soothing and welcoming. After you have examined the size of your space, and considered the style and material of your fountain, you can narrow down your decision. Your garden will be flowing with new energy in no time!