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What Can Floor Fountains Do for Your Living Space?

Indoor Water Fountains are great features to add negative ions to your surroundings, add pleasant sounds and looks appealing for you, your family and your guests. Indoor water fountains are often floor fountains that can be installed on any flat surface.

These kinds of fountains have become popular and are known for their affordability and versatility. These fountains might have tall fixture with a small footprint, or they might be low lying and spread over a large portion of the room or patio space. The choice is up to you, you will be amazed at the look and feel it will instill in your home.

These fountains also come with many different kinds of styles. Peruse our online catalog at Water Feature Pros and you will see many contemporary fountains that sit on the floor and are appropriate for either indoor spaces or patios.  We also have Asian inspired and organic shaped fountains that will be great floor pieces.

Floor fountains come in many different materials as well. For starters, floor fountains are featured in natural materials like metals and stone. These fountains can also come in artificial materials such acrylic.

Water panels are also a style of floor fountains. While many are mounted like a picture, some stand on their own with a mounting stand. These fountains can be embedded with a logo for your business or have a beautiful stone slab for most other situations.

Lastly, as a fountain supplier we want to recommend some options for you based on your current home of office décor. We recommend contemporary fountains whenever possible because our houses and offices are usually new and already geometrical. If your color designs are based around burnt orange, burgundy or slate gray then you will be satisfied with a contemporary piece in your living room. We recommend Gist fountains for contemporary pieces.

Another option is to go with Asian inspired pieces. These are less versatile than contemporary fountains, but will work in plenty of settings. While your décor might not be East Asian themed, if you are following any of these décor practices then you might be able to add an Eastern piece. For example, eclectic living rooms use bohemian styles and mix cultural pieces. An Asian inspired piece with work in that setting. Also, if you have a minimalist approach that is stylized with much open floor space, bright windows and light shades on your walls then an Asian piece would keep the serene Feng shui of the living area.

We hope that is a lot of great information for you as you begin picking out a fountain for what space you have in your home.

Add Class to Your Scene with an Outdoor Fountain

Has the time come for your to redesign your outdoor space? Every once in a while, it’s important to update your scene to keep the energy alive and fresh. Are you searching for ways to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space while also adding a sense of class and elegance? There are a wide range of options available for transforming your outdoor location. You can choose subtle lighting to enhance the look of your property, bring life and class to the space with a collection of planters, and add a final elegant touch with the perfect outdoor fountain.

LED Lighting

When it comes to creating a classy and elegant outdoor space, it is often the simple and subtle accents that make all the difference. A very popular and stylish way of accenting your space is with perfectly placed LED lighting. LED lights can be installed along walkways, on stairs, and even in water features. They are a great way of bringing your scene a fresh new look. They are available in all kinds of colors, and there are even color changing options available. With your many options, you will be able to create the most appropriate look for your scene.

Planters and Urns

A great way to enhance the energy of your space is by including plants and greenery to your setting. The right planter or urn will be the perfect place for your favorite flowers and plants. With their many sizes and detailed, elegant designs, the right container or set of planters should not be too hard to get your hands on. The classic design that is used for many urns will complement your new scene and accentuate the classy new look that you are aiming for. With this sort of addition, you are well on your way to creating a magnificent setting.

Outdoor Fountains

The final element that will bring your new elegant scene together is a beautiful, grand fountain. If you are aiming to create a setting of class and style, the right fountain is a must-have. The most appropriate style of fountain is most likely a classic tiered design. These beautiful designs have stood the test of time, and proven themselves to be some of the most beautiful creations of all time. The way that the water flows and cascades over each tier creates a stunning visual and provides a steady, soothing sound.

Your backyard can be transformed into a beautiful, elegant scene that is full of class and style. Make the most of your space, and accentuate the beauty of your property. With the right lighting, greenery, and water features, it is certainly possible. Just decide what’s right for your space!

Five Stylish Options for Backyard Water Features

Every once in a while it’s great to make your surroundings feel new again. Has the time come for you to make some changes to your landscape? The options are endless. Installing a water feature outside of your home is a great way to enhance the look and feel of your space. There are countless ways of using water design to improve your landscape. We’ve compiled a list of stylish outdoor options to consider if you are thinking of installing a water feature at your home.

1. Garden Fountains

Do you have a garden at home? One of the best ways you can enhance your garden space is with a beautiful garden fountain. There are many styles to choose from. You may opt for a classic tiered fountain to evoke an elegant feel. Or, maybe a more contemporary and unique design is more your speed. Accent your plant life with one of these designs.

2. Floor Fountains

There are many fountains that are designed to stand freely on your patio or deck area. These pieces are great for adding a decorative accent to your space with a unique work of art. They come in many designs, from simple urn and jar shapes, to intricate modern art designs. Create a contemporary patio space with the perfect floor fountain.

3. Ponds

A great way to complement the natural setting of your yard is by installing a small pond. Ponds are great for creating a peaceful and relaxing scene. You can even introduce fish and other wildlife into your pond to make the experience even more enjoyable. There are also pond fountains that help to aerate the water while creating a beautiful design. If you are willing to make a major change, consider this.

4. Spillways

If you are looking for a more sleek and modern look, spillways are definitely a choice to consider. These special pieces allow the water to flow as one single smooth sheet, creating a stunning visual effect. They are great for accenting patio spaces, or even connecting to pools or ponds.

5. Waterfalls

There is nothing quite like watching water cascade freely over a rocky over a tower of stones. You can recreate the wonderful setting of a waterfall in your own backyard. There are designs that allow you to have a simple waterfall that flows directly into a basin, or you can also install them with your pool or pond.

Water features are a great way of enhancing the look and feel of your home. With all of the choices available, it can be hard to narrow down the decision. There is a fountain that works for every style of home. Whether it’s for your garden, patio, or lawn, you can transform your home with an outdoor water feature.

The Perfect Backyard Setting for Getting Away

Sometimes, everyday life can become a chore and begin to break you down. With all of the stresses that come along with careers, families, and other responsibilities, it can be easy to lose sight of the beauty in the world. Don’t allow yourself to feel burdened by your own life. It’s important to take time away from your responsibilities and center yourself, but sometimes it isn’t always that easy. Since vacation isn’t always an option, create a space in your own home where you can get away from your stresses one evening at a time. With a few conscious decisions, you’ll have a personal little getaway in no time.

Location and Greenery

The first decision you must make is where your home getaway will be. An ideal spot for many people is a designated portion of their backyard. You can create a sense of privacy in your space with vine plants on trellises, or even a gazebo or canopy. Other prime locations are balconies, gardens, and patios. You can bring fresh energy to your chosen space with your favorite flowers and plants. Remember to be creative and to take inspiration from your space. Consider the shape and size of your space and do what works best for you.


The main idea of taking a vacation is finding the time to relax. With that in mind, your next step is furnishing your new relaxation spot. This portion doesn’t have to be extravagant. It’s just important to choose furniture that allows you to be comfortable. Opt for something that lets you recline and put your feet up. In this type of setting, it would even be appropriate to set up a few hammocks for the ultimate relaxation experience. Remember that this space is built specifically for your comfort.

Water Features

The element that will truly make your space feel more like a getaway is the installation of a water feature. There are a number of options to choose from. There are a wide variety of statuary fountains that are available in all kinds of designs and sizes.  You can even get a private pond or waterfall installed in your backyard. The steady flowing sounds of the water creates a soothing atmosphere by mitigating unwanted noise. The type of white noise created by fountains has even been linked to reducing stress and anxiety. While you’re in your private space relaxing in your hammock, the flow of the water will be the perfect finishing touch.

You don’t have to buy a plane ticket or go on a road trip to take a break. Even if it’s small breaks, a conscious effort to relax and rejuvenate yourself will do a world of good. With the right location, the perfect setting, and a water feature to complete the scene, you’ll be able to get away whenever the need arises.

Help Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with an Indoor Fountain

Indoor fountains are great additions to any home. People install fountains inside of their homes for a wide range of reasons. Some people are looking for ways to enhance their decor, while other people may be looking for a way to find peace or mitigate distracting noise. But, did you know that installing an indoor fountain in your home also serves health benefits? It may not be something that people immediately think about, but it is very true. Indoor fountains help to support your physical, mental, and emotional health. These priceless benefits make indoor fountains a must-have in your home.

Physical Health: Air Quality

An impressive feature of indoor water fountains that is often overlooked is their effect on indoor air quality. Many people are not aware that running an indoor fountain is just as effective as running an air purifier. The main difference is that the fountain is much more attractive, and will do a lot more for the style and class of your indoor space. They even help to humidify the air when the weather has left it dry and harsh. After installing a fountain inside your home, your breaths will begin to be a lot more beneficial. Your lungs will surely be grateful.

Mental Health: Stress and Anxiety

At this day and age, stress and anxiety are just about as common as having mobile phones. With all of the effects of going to work, having a family, and living everyday life, many people find themselves in an unhealthy state of mind. They allow their stress to get the better of them, and never find a sense of peace. Don’t allow it to become that bad for you. The white noise produced by the steady and consistent sounds of flowing water have been known to help reduce stress and ease anxiety. Be sure to find the time to relax and unwind.

Emotional Health: Seasonal Affective Disorder

During the winter months, many people suffer from a temporary form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. This disorder causes the appearance of depressive symptoms during a certain type of year in people who otherwise have stable mental health. It is common for it to occur during the winter, and many people attribute it to the lack of outdoor stimulation. Outdoors, nature produces an abundance of negative ions; they have been known to improve mood and reduce stress. Indoors, electrical devices and appliances produces positive ions, which have a negative effect on people. Fountains help to balance this by producing more of the pleasant negative ions that people are missing from nature.

Not only will an indoor fountain improve the look and feel of your home, but your body will benefit from the change as well. With your new installation, you can look forward to support for your physical, mental, and emotional health. A small change to your environment can have a profound effect.