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Create the Perfect Classic Garden

Building a garden and cultivating a collection of plant life is one of the most gratifying feelings a person can experience. There are so many choices for what you can do with your garden space that it can be hard to settle on a certain style or theme. The simple, classical theme is one of the most beloved styles when it comes to garden design. The classic garden allows the visual and the atmosphere to speak for itself. To create a beautiful classical scene, opt for shrubs and flowers, a classical tiered fountain, and hand-crafted stone outdoor furniture.

Flowers and Shrubbery

The composition of a classic garden scene is actually fairly simple. The intricacies and details come from how the plants and flowers are arranged. When choosing plants for your classic garden, keep your list fairly short. All you will need is a collection of shrubs and selection of a few of your favorite flowers to add a bit of color to your space. The main design of your garden should be determined by where your shrubs are placed. You can even design them in a way that your garden has deliberate pathways. You can then accent your setup with the colorful flowers and vines.

Classical Tiered Fountain

When it comes to choosing a fountain for your classical garden, there is one main option that overshadows the rest. This option is the classical tiered fountain. A classical garden will seem nearly incomplete without the presence of a grand tiered fountain to finalize the look and feel of your space. Taking nods from ancient Rome and on, these amazing structures evoke an old-world feel while creating a scene that is welcoming and soothing. There are a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from, some complete with sculptures and figurines. There is sure to be a fountain that is perfect for your scene.

Stone Outdoor Furniture

Your garden is a place of peace and serenity. To better enjoy your time there, it is important to choose some outdoor furniture so that you can have a place to sit and absorb the beauty of your space. While they are countless styles and materials used to produce outdoor furniture, one of the best options for a classic garden setup is the use of stone furniture. The right stone benches, stools, and tables are perfect for complementing your scene. There are options made from granite, jade, marble, and more. The designs, ranging from smooth and basic to textured and intricate, are all great accents to a natural scene.

With all of the styles and designs that are always becoming available, sometimes the most desirable option is the simple, classic one. When it comes to designing a garden, the classic look is always a good choice. With the right plants, a beautiful fountain, and some classic stone furniture, you can have a classic scene in your own backyard.


Add Class to Your Scene with an Outdoor Fountain

Has the time come for your to redesign your outdoor space? Every once in a while, it’s important to update your scene to keep the energy alive and fresh. Are you searching for ways to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space while also adding a sense of class and elegance? There are a wide range of options available for transforming your outdoor location. You can choose subtle lighting to enhance the look of your property, bring life and class to the space with a collection of planters, and add a final elegant touch with the perfect outdoor fountain.

LED Lighting

When it comes to creating a classy and elegant outdoor space, it is often the simple and subtle accents that make all the difference. A very popular and stylish way of accenting your space is with perfectly placed LED lighting. LED lights can be installed along walkways, on stairs, and even in water features. They are a great way of bringing your scene a fresh new look. They are available in all kinds of colors, and there are even color changing options available. With your many options, you will be able to create the most appropriate look for your scene.

Planters and Urns

A great way to enhance the energy of your space is by including plants and greenery to your setting. The right planter or urn will be the perfect place for your favorite flowers and plants. With their many sizes and detailed, elegant designs, the right container or set of planters should not be too hard to get your hands on. The classic design that is used for many urns will complement your new scene and accentuate the classy new look that you are aiming for. With this sort of addition, you are well on your way to creating a magnificent setting.

Outdoor Fountains

The final element that will bring your new elegant scene together is a beautiful, grand fountain. If you are aiming to create a setting of class and style, the right fountain is a must-have. The most appropriate style of fountain is most likely a classic tiered design. These beautiful designs have stood the test of time, and proven themselves to be some of the most beautiful creations of all time. The way that the water flows and cascades over each tier creates a stunning visual and provides a steady, soothing sound.

Your backyard can be transformed into a beautiful, elegant scene that is full of class and style. Make the most of your space, and accentuate the beauty of your property. With the right lighting, greenery, and water features, it is certainly possible. Just decide what’s right for your space!