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Pond Maintenance: Avoiding Algae

A private pond is a beautiful addition to many homes. Ponds accentuate the beauty of the home and enhance the outdoor environment, providing a tranquil spot for people to relax and find a little peace. Ponds are definitely a beautiful thing, but they require maintenance, or else they won’t be so attractive. Neglected and stagnant ponds will begin to see a rapid buildup of algae and a certain smell that is, in no way, a pleasant one. If you have a pond, or are planning to have one built, be sure to take certain precautions. To keep you water clean, provide aeration, remove debris, and add pond chemicals, if necessary.


Aerating your water is probably the most important thing you can do to keep your water clean and fresh. The process of aeration involves dissolving oxygen into the water supply, and this process can be achieved in many ways. Many people use pond fountains, or aerators. These devices pull water from the top few feet of the pond and shoot it into the air. As the water splashes back down, it breaks the surface of the water and mixes it with the surrounding oxygen. This process is so important because it allows the process of decomposition to happen much more efficiently. If the algae and organic materials are able to break down faster, they won’t stick around and start to smell.

Skimming Debris

One way you can make it a little easier on your pond is by taking time to manually remove debris from the water. It is common for wind and rain to wash leaves, sticks, and other materials into your water. These materials will begin to decompose in your pond, releasing gases during the process, and can eventually begin to become a real nuisance. With a regular cleaning, your pond will look beautiful, and your water will be fresh.

Pond Chemicals

Regular skimmings will keep the leaves and sticks away, but, there is only so much you can do about algae. Sometimes, you have to bring out something a little stronger. There are several fountain chemicals available to keep these nuisances at bay. Adding a little to your water can provide stunning results. Regular cleaning with chemicals that combat the growth of unwanted materials is a sure way to keep your water clean and free of bacteria and algae. Find which one is right for your body of water.

Your pond is one of the main elements of your landscape. It is a defining feature of your home and its surroundings. It’s important that you keep it looking fresh and presentable. With proper aeration, regular cleanings, and pond chemicals, you can be sure that your pond is as beautiful as it was meant to be.

Keeping a Healthy Pond: Oxygen and Aeration

Do you own a private lake or pond? Did you know that the pond in your backyard is its own living ecosystem? The health and balance of this ecosystem depends heavily on the actions you take to support it. A very important component of water health is the presence of oxygen in the water. Dissolving oxygen into the water keeps fish and other the living things in the water healthy, and supports healthy natural functions. The main process used to maintain proper levels of oxygen in water is aeration. The various designs of pond fountains not only provide visual enhancement, but they perform the necessary process of aeration, which benefits your pond in many ways.


If your pond is overpopulated with fish or plants, or cluttered with organic debris, it can deplete the oxygen levels in the water. When those levels are too low, a number of consequences emerge. In deeper ponds, the water can begin to stratify, or separate, which makes less room for life. The decaying process will slow, causing that awful stagnant odor. Most importantly, the fish, and other animals in your pond, rely on the oxygen in the water for their own health. If there is not enough, the animals will struggle to survive. Aeration helps to combat these issues.


The process of aeration uses a couple of different techniques to bring movement to the water, and dissolve more oxygen into the supply. When oxygen is constantly being dissolved, the water stays much cleaner and healthier. There are two main ways to aerate your pond: floating pond fountains and diffused aeration systems.

Floating pond fountains are best for ponds without much depth. These units interact mostly with the top few feet of your pond. It pulls the water, and shoots it up into the air. When the water hits the surface again, the oxygen transfer occurs when gases are released.

Diffused aeration systems are more effective with deeper ponds. If you have a pond that is eight feet or deeper, this will be the better choice for you. Instead of pulling water upwards, these units push compressed air to the floor of the pond, creating a constant flow of air bubbles in the pond. As these bubbles reach the surface, they mix the water with the air, and increase the level of dissolved oxygen.

Once you have a little information on water aeration and your pond’s ecosystem, you’ll understand the need behind pond fountains. While they are beautiful, that isn’t their only use. The health and cleanliness of your water depends on your actions. You will find that installing a pond fountain is a major improvement.

Combine Water and Light for a Stunning Visual

Creating the right atmosphere for your home is a special process. Many of your most precious memories will be spent at home. Imagine the warmth of the fireplace during the holidays, the warmth of the sun on a beautiful summer day, or the springtime breeze while relaxing on the patio hammock. You’ll see while reminiscing with family photo albums that your home is the backdrop for some of your most treasured experiences. Create a backdrop that is welcoming, calming, and beautiful. There are several ways that you can utilize water and light to accent the beauty and style of your home.

Indoor Wall Mounted Fountains

If you are looking for the perfect way to bring a new look and feel to your indoor space, a wall mounted fountain may be just what you’ve been searching for. Water walls come in a wide range of colors, materials, and styles. From natural looking rock and slate pieces with copper frames, to bold and unique custom art pieces, there are many ways they can enhance the style of your space. The water flow also assists in purifying and humidifying the air. The steady flowing sounds of the water produce white noise, which is proven to calm and assist a restful sleep.

Outdoor Water Features

There are several ways you can make changes to your backyard, but one of the most stylish and impressive ways to accent your space is with water. A  beautiful statuary fountain will serve well as a centerpiece or garden accessory. If you are look for a more sleek and modern look, a spillway will accent your setting with a sleek sheet of water, flowing gently into a basin below. They look great along walls and staircases, or in conjunction with a small pond.

Illuminate Them

Water panels, fountains, and spillways are great ways of accenting your home and patio space with water, and you can do even more take these water features to the next level. One of the best ways you can accent your space is by installing LED lights in your water features and landscape. Lighting is a powerful element that people often overlook. When applied thoughtfully, lights can completely transform your nighttime scene. LEDs come in all types of colors, some even color-changing. With so many options for light, you can create light themes for certain moods and events, and truly make the most of your property.

When you’re planning out how you want your space to look and feel, make sure you are thoughtful with your choices. Small improvements can make all the difference. Subtle accents to your home and landscape are a great way of bringing out the natural and structural beauty of where you live. With well-placed sources of flowing water and soft light, you can truly accent your space without overwhelming the scene. You will love to come home to such a beautiful, calming, and relaxing place.

The Importance of a Fountain in Your Lake

A lake is a beautiful element in any landscape. The tranquil body of water has its own sense of energy and life that improves the entire atmosphere of its surroundings. People often build their homes and businesses around them for this reason. Some people even build lakes to improve their landscape. Natural or manmade, they are truly a sight to behold. Lake fountains are often installed in these bodies of water, making the sight even more stunning. This popular installation is a great way of enhancing an already beautiful piece of of scenery. Lake fountains serve many benefits, some very obvious, while others work in less visible ways.

Visual Display

The most obvious benefit of installing a lake fountain is the beautiful visual display that it will create. These devices shoot water many feet into the air, and are available in a wide range of spray patterns. These options range from simple streams of water to intricate designs of mist and waves. These visuals completely transform the look and feel of any scene. The visual can be taken to the next level with the installation of LED lighting. There are many options for illuminating your lake fountain. With a wide selection of colored and color-changing lights, you can create a stunning nighttime scene, as well.

Water Aeration

Another very important benefit provided by lake fountains is the process of aeration. This is a benefit that can’t exactly be seen, but if it wasn’t present, it would definitely be missed. Aeration is the process of dissolving oxygen into a body of water. This process is extremely important for the health and freshness of your water. A healthy supply of oxygen allows the water to break down algae and organic material at an efficient pace. If this didn’t happen, algae and bacteria could easily build up in your lake, causing a foul odor and an unpleasant scene.

Noise Mitigation

Some of the benefits of lake fountains aren’t exactly seen, but they are certainly heard. A benefit that is easily overlooked is the sounds that will be created by the new fountain. The water shooting up into the air and splashing back down on the surface will create a constant, soothing sound. This sound will cause surrounding noises to fade into the background and be much less of a distraction. This is perfect for locations where the sound of passing traffic can sometimes be a nuisance.

Your body of water can be even more beautiful with the installation of a lake fountain. Not only does a lake fountain add an entirely new look to the scene, but the water and surroundings all benefit in different ways. With a lake fountain, your water will clean, fresh, and beautiful.