The Beauty and the Purpose Behind Lake Fountains

A lake is a beautiful element in any landscape. The tranquil body of water has its own sense of energy and life that improves the entire atmosphere of its surroundings. People often build their homes and businesses around them for this reason. Some people even build lakes to improve their landscape. Natural or manmade, they are truly a sight to behold. Lake fountains are often installed in these bodies of water, making the sight even more stunning. This popular installation is a great way of enhancing an already beautiful piece of of scenery. Lake fountains serve many benefits, some very obvious, while others work in less visible ways.

Visual Display

The most obvious benefit of installing a lake fountain is the beautiful visual display that it will create. These devices shoot water many feet into the air, and are available in a wide range of spray patterns. These options range from simple streams of water to intricate designs of mist and waves. These visuals completely transform the look and feel of any scene. The visual can be taken to the next level with the installation of LED lighting. There are many options for illuminating your lake fountain. With a wide selection of colored and color-changing lights, you can create a stunning nighttime scene, as well.

Water Aeration

Another very important benefit provided by lake fountains is the process of aeration. This is a benefit that can’t exactly be seen, but if it wasn’t present, it would definitely be missed. Aeration is the process of dissolving oxygen into a body of water. This process is extremely important for the health and freshness of your water. A healthy supply of oxygen allows the water to break down algae and organic material at an efficient pace. If this didn’t happen, algae and bacteria could easily build up in your lake, causing a foul odor and an unpleasant scene.

Noise Mitigation

Some of the benefits of lake fountains aren’t exactly seen, but they are certainly heard. A benefit that is easily overlooked is the sounds that will be created by the new fountain. The water shooting up into the air and splashing back down on the surface will create a constant, soothing sound. This sound will cause surrounding noises to fade into the background and be much less of a distraction. This is perfect for locations where the sound of passing traffic can sometimes be a nuisance.

Your body of water can be even more beautiful with the installation of a lake fountain. Not only does a lake fountain add an entirely new look to the scene, but the water and surroundings all benefit in different ways. With a lake fountain, your water will clean, fresh, and beautiful.

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