The metaphysical properties of Granite

You don’t have to be a geologist or psychic medium to understand that cultures throughout history have regarded stones are precious objects. You might conventionally think of impressive stones as the ones that are in expensive jewelry. These stones are regarded as rare, beautiful and containing a certainly level of purity. However, the diamond has only been in vogue for less than a hundred years, and this is due to PR alone ultimately.

To understand how highly cultures have regarded stones, it is best to look at holy structures that have been made. The stones at Stonehenge were gathered from hundreds of miles away, even those the area has perfectly fine stones indigenous to that region. Why would they put in such effort to get that particular stone? Also, did you know that the Great Pyramid of Giza is made of limestone, but the innermost King’s Chamber is formed with granite?

Theories position granite as a very special stone. Here are some noteworthy facts and ideas surrounding granite.

Cultural regard of Granite

Many people believe that cemeteries are breeding grounds for astral activity, not because they house corpses but because of the large quantity of granite. If you are not of the opinion that Grandpa Billy’s ethereal body is hovering over his own corpse, than this theory might appeal to you.

Cultures that have highly regarded granite are the Aboriginals, Mayans and Ancient Egyptians.

As stated above, the Egyptians had access to the Aswan granite, which is partly from by the Nile. Theories suggest that the life giving source that is the Nile River receives spiritual properties from the Aswan granite.

Physical properties of Granite

Granite is comprised of quartz and other lesser known minerals. Granite is formed from magma and is the most common and familiar indigenous rock. Granite is also mildly radioactive.

What are the effects of granite

Granite is believed to help your health, energy and overall situation. Granite is associated with strength and can be worn as a talisman to strength your hair, muscles and bones.

Granite is associated with abundance and protection. I recommend putting a piece of it on top of your door to ward over threatening forces.

Also, granite is believed to have balancing effects. Oceanic granite has the properties of both earth and water, so the neutral, balance nature is appropriate for calming yourself and having easy going relationships.

The ultimate metaphysical effects are hard to quantify. Perhaps only certain groups of intuitive people can understand the impact of the stone.

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  1. Horusdaughter
    Horusdaughter says:

    Black granite with feldspar is a superb meditation, astral travel, and shamanic journeying aid. It opens the third eye and the base chakra, grounding you in the physical while enhancing your perception of the non-physical. Protection may play into it too because of the many reflective surfaces all pointing in different directions. Some magical traditions believe that giving malevolent entities something multi faceted by the door which they have to count before entering wards off evil, because they are not done counting when the morning comes… Because of the many mirrors it is also excellent for shadow work. The main reason it makes people feel safe though is because of the powerful grounding effect. It really suports and has your back.To be obtained from nature respectfully and left unpolished for best effect. Remember the planet needs it too for support…

    • Michelle
      Michelle says:

      I found an amazing piece of black granite with pyrite here in central Texas. I also found raw smokey quartz and citrine quartz. The place is called Long’s Fish and Dig in Buchanan Dam Texas. If you walk to the big rock mountain, it is made completely of red granite and there is amazing stuff out there. I’m excited to use this black granite in my meditation. My third eye is very open but my root needs work and I’m glad to have found your comment. I would not have known about its metaphysical uses for the base chakra. Thank you. Happy travels! Much love. 1111


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