What’s the Point of a Lake Fountain?

Lake fountains are becoming more and more popular. They are commonly seen in parks, outside of businesses, and at other major establishments. Most people have seen them shooting water up into the air, creating beautiful designs and keeping the water in motion. Lake fountains are viewed by some people as unnecessary or frivolous, but there are actually many good uses that come along with a lake fountain. The presence of a lake fountain will provide aesthetic value, keep mosquitos and other insects under control, and aerate the water in your lake. Your outdoor setting will be greatly improved with this addition.

Aesthetic Value

The most obvious benefit of installing a lake fountain is the aesthetic value. Lake fountains come in a wide variety of spray patterns and designs. If you are looking for a way to make a change to your landscape, one of these will do the trick; there is no doubt that installing one will completely transform your scene. The patterns that these fountains create are grand and awe inspiring. Water shoots up to grand heights, and there are even options for adding LEDs of various colors to your setup. Adding a source of light to your lake fountain will make a brand new nighttime landscape.

Bug Control

The nighttime view isn’t the only improvement you’ll notice when you spend those evenings near your lake fountain. One of the worst things about spending time outdoors is the presence of those buzzing nuisances. There are a few ways that a lake fountain can control mosquitos and other annoying insects. The constant movement of the water keeps the bugs from being attracted to a stagnant puddle. The LEDs will also draw the bugs nearer at night, and if you have fish in your lake, they’ll appreciate the snack.


Your fish will also be very grateful for the clean, healthy water that your fountain provides. A lake fountain serves the ever-important task of aeration, which increases the levels of dissolved oxygen in your water supply. Oxygen levels play a big role in your lake. If levels are too low, fish will not survive, water will stratify, and you will be presented with an unpleasant odor. A floating lake fountain pulls water up and shoots it into the air. As it lands, the gases are released, and water mixes with oxygen. This is an extremely useful process.

If you weren’t sure about installing a lake fountain in your own body of water, these bits of information are here to support your decision. You’ll be very pleased with all of the benefits and improvements. Your space will be more beautiful and comfortable, and your water will be much healthier.

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