Why You Should Add Lighting to Your Pool’s Waterfall Feature

You made the smart decision to add a waterfall feature to your pool for the many benefits it provides, such as quelling noisy traffic and neighborhood sounds while promoting relaxation and tranquility, so go ahead and make it your pool’s star attraction by illuminating your waterfall with lights! This simple and cost-effective addition will make your pool sparkle and shine by creating a glittering display of colorful lights dancing across the water. Plus, there are other advantages to adding lighting to your waterfall feature listed below.


Waterfall Lighting Creates a Whole New Look and Ambience to Your Pool Area 

Light reflecting and shimmering on the surface of water is mesmerizing, beautiful, and mood-lifting! It almost seems magical as the dancing lights add depth and mystery to your pool and add drama and excitement as they light up the water cascading from the waterfall. Your entire pool area is instantly enhanced and embellished with the addition of these lights creating a lovely and enchanting ambience.

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