Why choose Water Feature Pros?

Since 1996, Water Feature Pros has sold and installed innovative aeration, fountain, de-icing and water-mixing solutions for a wide range of applications. Quality products backed by outstanding support are the cornerstone of any company that wishes to develop a reputation as a leader. Water Feature Pros has set the industry benchmark for personalized service, quality products, fast delivery, reliability and customer service.  We look forward to earning your business.

decorative lake fountain

Stunning displays to enhance the look and health of your pond or lake

Elegant displays that provide imperative oxygen and agitation to your Pond or Lake

Lighting solutions for all our fountains including LED and Halogen kits

Agitate high volumes of water at the surface, maximizing air and water exposure

De-icers push the warm, bottom water to the surface to prevent or eliminate ice formation

Water Aerators

Adds vital oxygen to your water while providing continious water movement